Always have more than one option!

I gotta say this, my friend.

Life, business, everything.

Dan Kennedy, that ultra smart marketer and succesful business person wrote about it, and truth being told, anyone with any sense (although thats far less common than you’d hope!) has been saying it for a while.

“The number 1 is a BAD number for business”.

And he’s right!

Depending on any ONE source of income – or even any one profession.

Look at all the people, for instance, who become instant celebs or what not on Twitter, Instagram etc.

Next thing you know?

They get deplatformed for some vague reason. (such as yours truly was on Instagram,and I had a very solid following there too!).

In most cases, yours truly can get back on these platforms via negotiation. I once wrote a book on sales – and believe me selling – both myself as a whore, hehe – and otherwise in real life – is something I’ve been doing since I was born – and I’ve done it very succesfully too – so getting back on some silly platform that banned me (if they did) for whatever reason has always been “easy as pie” for me. Hehe.

Anyway … in SOME cases though, even yours truly can’t get back.

Instagram decided what I was offering was “sort of adult” (all I did was post pictures of soles there! Hehe) … and thus …

A lady on twitter thats following me apparently got kicked off Paypal.

Looking at her pictures, I cannot imagine why – unless it was some customer complaining (they seem to find new ways all the time, the cheapasses and morons out there – one being the ultra liberal Amazon return policy I do NOT agree with – gives cheapskates an invitation to read the book, and then want refund – although to be fair, for every such refund, I get at least 10 more real customers, and to be fair Amazon is cracking down upon it – I sure wish they’d change their policy of people that never bought or read the book to leave reviews, but hey – all marketing is good marketing I say, and Amazon has got it spot on in THAT regard, though it might not seem that way! – and on Paypal etc the idiots and cheapskates will refund, chargeback, and find every other innovative way to claim they “didnt get the product” or not as described or some utter horseshit).

In the case of this lady, I dont know.

Probably something similar!

But one of my other businesses, I’ve had plenty of issues with Paypal in the past. They’ve always, to be fair, resolved it in my favor though. But remember, those are not adult businesses!

I use Paypal here too. But I’m selling books, which is allowed.

Anyway … thats why I have MORE than one payment option on the site.



And of course the Wallet a lot of you have been quietly using!

Yes, we have our own wallet, much like Amazon Pay does.

And you can add funds to your wallet, and use them for future purchases, and remember, all wallet purchases get an extra 10% off.

And anyway, more than one option?

Ladies, of course, should have more than one sub! Hehe.

If one stops paying or serving, the other steps in!

If one acts up, he can be booted out and blocked!

And so forth.

Mistress Lucy knows this so well.

“I had sex just a few days ago!” she giggled at me the other day.  (while asking me when I last had “some”, which I hadn’t for years, but I said “months”… hehe)

She got upset though when I didnt get jealous.

“Some women like their men to get jealous!”

I’m not her man. I never was

Always her sister, hehe.

And a cuckold!

Sometimes, explaining that to her is so tough … Especially when she wants me to be “real man”!

Anyway — this real man cums in pants all the time!

So i’ve got more than one set.

Jokes aside, set by set is how you shoudl bust BALLS.

Each set is different, as we spoke about (a lady and me on TwitteR).

And what, if my friend, you have NO  “second choices or options”?

In life, I’ve often proceeded without a plan B – and done great!

The subconscious mind does a great job of creating all the backup plans you need in case you ever need ’em, though you may not know it at the time.

And really, when it comes to femdom, truly the “creme la creme” of femdom is Mike Watson as I’ve been called, or the “real macca” as a certain “Shane” recently called me. i.e. the “real mc Coy”.

And my book on attracting femdom to you in all it shapes, forms and guises, and my manuals overall – and my so called fiction (mostly reality, as Dani said, hehe) books truly have NO peer, and are the best out there, bar none.

get you some now, boy!


Mike Watson

PS – Spanish version of “16 Incredibly Powerful Affirmations” still very much on the way. Dani said it’s taking some time “because she wants to do a better job with the exact translation”.

It may be she got a better “offer” temporarily? Hehe. No idea!

But it’ll come. Be ont he outlook for that too!

(and remember, for all languages other than English, email me for links).

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