Perfect Goddess Jiji, and her LOVELY Fingers, and that lovely BLUE nailpolish, and …

I could wax lyrical on this. I could write a book, or several!

Actually, thats what I just did for Miss Chen.

Wax lyrical that is, and the lady who I wrote a book about in 2015 just posted a OH SO SEXY picture on her WeShat.

Has nothing to do wuth skin show either. She was apparently aggravated at having to wait in line for half an hour for a shampoo no less.

And I feel you, Madaam! Not physically of course (how dare I, hehe). 😉 😉

NEVER, ever physically. You’re too much of a Goddess, but as I grovel in front of you, I feel your pain!

A Goddess should never have to wait.

And never touch us dirty slaves.

On that note, you remember “Jiji Yuan”, don’t you, my friend?

The lady with the lovely combo of names, the latter being “money” in Mandarin Chinese, and the former being a direct way of saying “little boy’s dick” in Chinese. Hehe.

Different from “Didi’, which translates into dick.

But Jiji literally translates into (fetish wise) little man cock!

Ah, my little man cock, and as SOON as I saw her lovely blue nailpolish, I had to say it!

Madam, you’re every bit th Goddess I wrote about in 2015!

Madam, looks awesome!

Madam, (and this was in response to her post on “feeling” down or something, I don’t know) – – “feeling blue!”

And then of course …

Madam, I so love blue on “Jiji!” That FEELING!

…. And while she hasn’t responded?

What I didnt say is the middle finger either up my ass or in my face or preferably both – and those lovely hands whacking me one for having the SHEER TEMERITY to say what I did … how dare you, boy!

And those sexy eyes looking at me knowingly, those Goddess like soles staring at me!

I dont know why, but I felt compelled to write this post … and for now, it’s adios.

But thats the effect BLUE nailpolish generall has on me, and as Madam Josie no doubt knows, red …well … drive sme insane!

As do Chinese ladies in general!

And if you’re a true male submissive, they should drive YOU INSANE too.

With unfulfiled (always!) lust!


Mike Watson

Ps – My apologies for the brief site downtime. We seem to be all bacjknow though!

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