Pinching her FAT, PONDEROUS udders. Moooooo! Part four..

Moo! Part one is here.

Part two here.

Part three

We are well on the way to a new manual here? Hehe. Mooooooooooooooo!

Anyway. I have said before about how I can’t get enough of Bhagwatis huge PONDEROUS yet Magnificent breasts – ever straining against that blouse she wears. My!

Truly magnificent. I’ve often wondered how much milk those would produce!

Serving an Indian Goddess and I think Madam Carrie – Volume Two (leading up to Miss V – Beauty salon) 

All give you a pretty good idea of how slaves can be made to moo – and produce milk in a most humiliating manners, hehe.

The fat slave is on his hands and knees, NOT allowed to touch herself. But those nasty man boobs hang, almost till the ground. Ugh!

Nipplegasm central gives you the best and most pleasurable ways to treat your nipples, never seen before techniques from the one and only clear MASTER at it. But, it doesn’t teach you to MILK. Hehe.

As the fat sissy is on all four, fingers expertly probe it’s anal area, striking the massively swollen P spot. Of course, gloves fingers. I don’t want nasty slave guck getting on my lovely fingers. Eww!

A few P spot tickles aka Sissygasm Central, and sissies piss cum – often in their metal baskets that they’re later made to drink it out of.

But the real milk,boy!???

Much like milking a real cow, those nipples are pinched, pulled, tugged very hard! Like Venus once did, the boobs are squeezed too.

Hurry, boy! Where is the MILK????

Milky milk, cow!


Often times, all of this is accompanied by whacks to a fat ass if the slave is especially relactricant as some are.

And of course a well aimed punched to swollen sissy balls too. Ouch.

Better behave, cow!!

The mooing is continuous, and absolutely hilarious. Continues until the slave is milked dry – literally – in all regards. Sophia Bai details how she did it to HER slave with the lovely Angel!

Now, if you’re reading all of this and are already quivering with excitement, trust me, you haven’t seen “nothing yet”. Get the books and courses above, and dive in!

And picture your fat uddery self being milked from top to BOTTOM – no pun, hehe. Picture your nasty man boobs hanging down as they’re milked as an actual cows would be…

Some sissies despite knowing my utter and ultimate control over them still rebel against all this.

I keep telling my sissies rebellion is pointless. They know it too. But some rebel anyway.

I don’t get it.

No sense fighting the inevitable is there?

I find it extremely stupid, pointless and self defeating …

And that’s that!


Mike Watson

PS – Bhagwati is Masters NUMBER one woman. The best and most loyal. Real woman. She handles my harem of sissies and real women very expertly too, so for any true Mike Watson fan – it would be an utter privelege to read the ODES to this magnificently dominant older lady. My!

Think about it.

You’re coming as close to my #1 woman as you can, sissy!

You’ll FEEL it. Literally.

Pick up the odes to her here.

And that’s that!

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