Sucking it one nipple at a time….

The lovely Anne has this habit of doing that! She’ll suck one – then the other – with no finger stimulation. I thought it wouldn’t feel that good, but in its own way – it does!

Much like the lovely Bhago who pauses often to stare so “deeply, knowledgeably, innocently without actually being innocent” into my puppy dog/tiger broken eyes with her coal black lovely oceans of eyes ..  my! Just that STARE, INQUISITIVE “bhaiya ji, Karu” (should I do it??) Look does it!

Carol, that lovely soft body against mine as she sucked my nipples, kisses my stomach, flicked the other one. She truly enjoyed it!

The lovely two dhobans. One sucks a nipple, giggles. The other sucks it after that – then giggles. Pause in between.

Then of course in each case their strong hands make it down to the dong to jerk strongly – the right way, not the porn BS.

Bhagwati sucking a nipple, fingering me.

In the shower, the two girls bathing me …

Or, me bathing THEM. Hehe.

And to end all this off?

A freebie for y’all i saw somewhere on Twitter.

My. My…my!

She takes the term African Goddess to a new level doesn’t she??

Anyway. Point of these random horny thoughts isn’t that we have them – it’s previous few of us express them.

Even fewer ACT. Which is sad.

And if you’re one of the doers, remember that the above techniques can be applied to cock, balls, earlobes etc – any part you might do choose – toes too.

Not gender specific. Makes, females, trans, anyone. Not fetish specific. Works just fine with “vanilla” or so called vanilla as well.

Be creative, inventive  – on that note, Nipplegasm Central has some of the hottest and most inventive (not to mention INTUITIVE ) nipple play techniques ever invented, I doubt these even made their way into anyone’s mind before.

And Penis Central (Polish translation underway!) has some hot African Gods – Chinese God – and perhaps others. Hehe – cock dangles, it never discriminates!

Here’s to a happy horny bliss filled new year – start it off right and early by ordering some products now. Those that do before the New Year will get a 10% off on Sissy Workouts pre order as well – shoot me an email – I’ll hook you up!


Mike Watson

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