Findom giggles from me…

iPhone = over priced piece of junk.

What you see in front of you is worth far more….

But, PAYING subscribers are more than welcome to use this as your phone background, much like I once did with a certain Pearl, hehe.

Make sure, too – and this is important to bear and THINK about my natural,.innate supremely confident DOMINANCE over YOU as you going, jerkie, wankie, stare… which I know you are.

I can feel it, hehe. Findom truly the best!

Doing what I said above will make the eventual BLAST, or probably leak – giggle – that much more fun and pleasurable.

In fact I’d not just argue but wager several bets that you’re on board with mentality part of it, without the right vibe, no fun .

No rules, the stricter the better, no fun hun…

And findom rules for you are right here.

Get it NOW.



PS – For a limited period, no pun, and limited only again, again no pun haha – ALL  subscribers to the Sissy Subscription – or Outed! – get a free custom video of their choice – uptil 20 minutes in length, dick and feet included. All fantasies catered to so long as you keep it SSC.

This alone is something I charge a min of $350 for, and is well worth it, so grab this deal while it “lasts” which won’t be long at all knowing me. Puns! Hehe.

And that’s that my friend.


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