Naked, and in high heels . . .

Picture this, my friend.

A lovely woman naked, in high heels. That maybe too “tight” for her, but she wriggles her feet into them anyway.

Black high heels, and for some reason, larger brown shoes were there. Maybe men’s sneakers, I dont know …

She’s naked.

And walking around in high heels.

Maybe with drinks for you.

Boobs hanging, just waiting to be SQUEEZED, including an ass, and … 

… and then you realize she’s wearing a cock lock. 

And if you’re a woman who is being served, you giggle, and have your fun!

The above is sissy paradise, I know.

And Perfect Ms Krystal made me do it so often . . .

But I had the dream last night.

And as I asked Madam Peng (as I told you yesterday) about her preferences for nailpolish, lipstick and other girly stuff …

“Madam, I love talking about girly stuff with you!” 

“Madam, what do you like to wear? Short skirts? Long skirts?” 

“Madam, wear short skirts so men can look at your legs. And I can press them!” 

“Madam, but youre such a Queen! Even see your feet is enough for me!” 

And so forth . . .

Unlike Princess Joanie, she likes BOTH. She’s an older lady, remember, approaching 60!

Like Madam Aa Ling’s Mom …

… and she’s even more DOMINANT, which makes her all the more gorgeous!

“You’re gonna massage me, boy!” 

And that, alone, is enough for me, Madam Ji!


Mike Watson

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