I’m serving MY S.O. . . . right NOW!

And in the breaks, I have to write to you about it! ?

Oh boy. The sheer THRILL Passing through me, and you know why?

Because it’s femdom without a BDSM twist, and she’s doing it naturally!

She’s sitting at her computer, one foot crossed over the other thigh, that SOLE so visible, and that makes ME MELT at my very CORE!!!!!!!!

I mean really, all I want to drop down right now, and say Thank you, MADAM JI!

And request her once again to take my money as she laughs at me.

I would, boy! But ther’e snothing left in there for now, boy!

Because she took it all a few days ago, via direct bank transfer! ?

Because she is a perfect Goddess incaranate walking the Earth!

Because if there was anyone I’d say “her shit doesn’t stink”, HERS doesn’t, if you get my drift!

Thank you, Perfect Madam JI!

I was making tea for myself, and this tea was something I borrowed from HER stash, because mine has finished for the nonce.

I used to be a huge coffee drinker back in the day, but switched to Chinese green tea a while ago. Don’t ask, you already know!

And of course, serving the lovely Anne was part of it . . . ?

But this isn’t Anne we’re talking about right now! ?

And anyway, as I told her . . .

“Madam, I’m sorry, but I borrowed some of your tea!”

“How dare you, boy!”

But she was play acting, but even so . . . that natural way in which she said . . . that conditioning I speak of in Sissy Central, Cuck Central, and all the rest so highly is WORKING, and how!

And . . .

You can get me tea then!”

Since she drinks it too.

And I normally do that anyway, of course.

I’m always refilling her tea cup before she asks, and she doesn’t just ignore me these days. She kicks the door shut after I leave with the tray!

Yes, here fingers are too perfect to touch the cup mine do, didn’t you know! The tray is key, boy!!!!!

And so it goes.

She’s a Goddess, and to the men reading this, do find a Goddess to worship yourself – she deserves it, as all women do, and then some!!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is the DEFINITIVE course to getting the dominant lady of your DREAMS, almost on autopilot once you do the RIGHT Thing . . .

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