Armpit worship

… Is something I haven’t written about a lot!

I’ve had mine licked – by accident, once – as I was directing her to my ears, earlobes (more FORGOTTEN erogenous zones, guys – no, it’s not GIRLY! And even if it was, who cares about tags?) …

In Sin city Diaries, I dont know if I mention it, but a lot of the Chinese girls there – they wouldn’t shave – either down there, or on their legs, or their armpits!

I still remember those sexy spiky hairs poking out – though to me at the time, it wasn’t that sexy and I asked them “why”.

And the answer was the same “I prefer normal”!

Now, hairy legs on women aren’t a turn on for me. Hehe. But those girl, they “hid” that armpit hair so well that well … what can I say.

Sitting here today, worshipping that BUSH – both down there – and UP THERE – my, what a pleasure and honor!

Armpits have their OWN SMELL AND STINK – much like assholes do – and SOLES do.

And, genitals do.

I’ve not written much about the topic at all … despite having written tomes on most other topics (related).

Maybe I’ll cover armpit worship in a manual soon – let me know YOUR thoughts, guys!

For now, I’ll end with taking off Bhagwati Madam’s blouse, those armpits STAINED with sweat, and worshipping the acrid smell both from her bottom, and her armpits, and her sweaty stained CLOTHES …

My, it’s such an honor. Those buds after she shaves, which she sometimes doesnt – – that RAW rank unwashed SMELL.


Odes to this Queen here – you’ll love ’em.

And write back – let me know!


Mike Watson

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