Tongue in pee hole, and more …

It rhymes!

Whether I’m thinking about worshipping my lovely Indian maid’s holes – all of them – or whether I’m thinking her pinching my nipples HARD – or whether I’m thinking COCK – I think all of it – the whole!

Might not make sense, eh?

But, flicker a tongue over a PEE HOLE And see the reaction!

My friend – a tall black guy – once told me “I’ll let him (he was referring to men) suck so long as he covers his face up” Hehe.

Indeed, men – know what turns other men on , as has been evidenced by the scores of men gushing – no pun, and pun – over my cock sucking skills, where I keep telling pretty women to “slow down on the head”, lick the pee hole more – and so forth!

Long journey, lots of learning and as the narrator for the “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant” series recently said “Holy Batman prolific writing!’

Yes, Ma’am, there’s a lot of it!

And cuckolding isn’t a theme in the Krystal series, unlike some of my other books. Icing my balls and more was though – you’ll see. Hehe.

Every lady is indeed unique, so is her brand of femdom – so is every cock, including a LOVELY ONE I saw this morning, the SHEATH fitting so perfectly, MY – and he was so horny, dick staying hard, that perfectly shaped SMOOTH WHITE CONICAL HEAD, the pee hole spurting it’s GUSH into a waiting warm female mouth who loves COCK – MY!

All I can say is I wish I could share that dong and the content of a MAN – emphasis – MAN’s balls too!


And thats the hot spirit in which all my books, and courses were written, indeed words that make you cum – and cocks – well, the mere thought of those is enough to make most sissies SPURT and leak! Hehe.

My books Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – and Penis Central are a must grab in this regard – the latter with tons of PICTURES too, and you know coming – no pun – from yours truly, its “done right” – no pun again!

And thats that.

My, I knew there was a reason I wanted to flicker pee holes all night long last night, forcibly putting cock in my mind even though it was on the lovely maid I write so much about – and odes to her, and some others right here – smokin hot like everything else I “put out” – hehe – pun intended and not. Youll wanna pick it up NOW, no procrastination on this one, NONE AT ALL!

And thats that.


Mike watson

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