Indian Goddesses, Sissygasms and more!

So I haven’t written about it for a while I believe.

But Madam Pearl, her of the lovely red dress, the cunning, KNOWING eyes, and that NATURALLY dominant mindset . . . and of course, her of the “I’ll plug you in the ass, boy!” did it the best for me.

While Madam Su was probably the best cuckoldress I’ve ever had the fortune of being associated with, Madam Pearl did it BEST when it came to plugging me in the ass!

And Madam Ann too, and of course, while the former has the FIRST Volume of Submissive Musings in Mainland China dedicated to her, the latter has the first Volume of a BOOK dedicated to her gorgeous, royal, princely (princessely) self!

And I never did get around to writing the second part of the story, and then the third . . . but I DID get around to writing plenty of editions of Submissive Musings in mainland China.

All a lot of fun and definitely worth a read, and the Indian Goddesses, you ask?

Where do they fit in?

Well, they aren’t laggards at it by any stretch!

You’ll remember the last Indian Goddess I wrote about, whom I caught but a glimpse of. But that glimpse was enough, along with the voluptuous BRONZED and STRONG legs, ending in a pair of lovely and probably sweaty tennis shoe!

Down, boy!

And as I took off her shoes and socks, she spread her legs comfortably and relaxed, sneering down at me.

Rub my feet, boy!

“Madam, thank you so much!” I’d whimper as I did the needful, and my heart raced, looking at those lovely sweaty dirty soles!

And indeed as I wanted to tell my S.O last night . . .

“Madam, this is my station in life!”

“Madam, I can barely get it up or KEEP it up during sex, and that’s why you need to talk to and find REAL men!”

“Madam, I’m worthless, and exist to serve you!”

Giggle, giggle and those satisfied SMIRKS That BOTH Indian and Chinese ladies do oh so well !!

And then, of course, about not being able to keep it hard.

I wrote a while ago about sexy foot poses, and a foot pose that keeps me hard for HOURS – – literally – – with the girl doing very little at all on her end except showing me that foot and sneering at me!

I’d literally drop down and give her (or beg to give her) EVERY PENNY in my bank account!

And even that hard on pales in comparison to the ones I have for hours, where my dick literally feels like it’ll explode, so HARD does it get, and so hard does it STAY!

So much for not being able to stay hard! ?

And that of course happens as soon as she sneers at my penis, and on auto pilot, makes her way down to my asshole, and starts lubing me up.

She may rub the balls a bit, and she probably WILL flick the nipples.

Probably WILL squeeze my man tits, and if I’ve got make up on so much better! Both for her, and him . .  ?

But as soon as she enters, I turn into someone else.

Even my moans of pleasure become more feminine as her hand or her DICK, or (best of all) his REAL dick slides in and out gently, enjoying itself as it should!

“Ahhhhhhhhh” I go, while a manly voice responds at the “other end”.

You like that, BOY?

Yes Sir . . . Ma’am!

Thank you SIR . . . Ma’am!!

On and on the probing goes, sometimes directly to the prostrate, and sometimes just in and out!

I’d give ANYTHING to be a woman, hehe . . . or maybe not. To be a real sissy, and stay that way. Which I am, of course!

And . . . it goes on and on. The dick stays hard, and I KEEP orgasming and leaking in MANY positions.

Doggy style.

Me on top.

She on top.

My legs spread WIDDDDDEEEEEE apart and in the air.

You get the picture. Many more!

But the dick stays hard all throughout, and even when I can’t take the pleasure anymore!

Written like a true sissy, and that’s how it should be!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! Paye Lagu, Malik! ?


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about tales on cuckoldry with a twist:

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