Another great review for Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume One!

An awesome review, I should say – coming in from the uber lovely Paula again!

Now you guys – and gals – remember one thing, although she is “translating” some of my books – probably will do more in the future, it is completely “voluntary” on her part, so these reviews, and her choosing the books she did (I encouraged her to choose herself) – is the same as a regular reader buying, or choosing which books to buy themselves and then buy – and review.

And thats what I like best – HONEST REVIEWS!

Too few people do it …

Anyway, here goeth –

My name is Paula Banda Rendón. I work for the Spicy and Erotic Fetish Publishing

Mike asked me for my opinion on his book Submissive Musings (in mailand). He
only told me why did you choose this book to translate it?

Responding to my Editor-in-Chief’s request. Here is my answer:

I am a teacher and this training made me a selfless person, since in my classroom
there is 1 student and a person who represents a book in real life, therefore I do
not exist and at the same time I do. This from the submission point of view is totally
applicable. So I can say that by academic training I am submissive, but also by
natural conviction I trained as a Geisha, since I wanted to have the love of my life
and that implies submission. Hence, the theme Submissive Musings was attractive
from all angles regarding my way of living as a Teacher and my training as a
Geisha for my boy.

I recommend this book to men who, like Mike, are submissive by nature, since they
read conditioning and relevant information to be perfect slaves.

Enjoy a good submissive read!

To Mike, my recognition as a writer, since the subject he deals with in his book is
not easy.

With affection I say goodbye to all of you, beloved readers.

Paula translator.

And thats that!

(Interesting how she said “mailand”. Hehe. She meant “mainland” but since Mai wrote the book i.e. yours truly – I gotta pimp another hugely popular book featuring Madam Suvi and yours truly – Mai, my LOVELY Indian maid – this book is ONE of a kind, you’ll want to get it NOW).

Well, when I got this review – the word “geisha” stood out – not necessarily because I am into Japanese culture (pretty similar to Chinese culture in many ways if you look deep within and beyond the nitty gritties) … but because of the theme of the book being reviewed – and also because of the general “submissive” connotation the word has – especially for Western men i.e. a “woman that pleases”.

Which isn’t necessarily true all the time, YES, a Geisha’s job is to entertain men.

Some of my sissy pictures are as a geisha too! Hehe.

But there isn’t necessarily any real submission involved beyond that, and they have very clear limits on what they do and what they dont …

Anyway – my response to Paula –

Hi Paula –

Thanks for the review – that is indeed very interesting to know you trained as a Geisha!!

Maybe someday if we meet, you could show me how … ah, but wait – I’ve seen that sort of thing in China too, hehe – yeah, but it’s interesting to know two things – one, you’re a teacher (so was I in another life – although right now I just teach … well, you can guess, hehe) – but that you trained as a Geisha as well…

My students (from another business – fitness) often call me “Shi Fu” – so everything you say – I can relate so well to it, haha. Maybe that is why we get along so well, and another reason what I write “rings true” for you.

Thanks again for the awesome review- – much appreciated!


Mike Watson

And we do … get along. Like a house on fire, almost. Hehe.

Anyway, as we speak “Krystal – The Teaching Assistant” is being translated into not just Spanish, but French, German and Italian – you’ll want to grab this great book NOW if you haven’t already – along with Submissive Musings, of course.

Other than this, my thoughts?

This first – To Mike, my recognition as a writer, since the subject he deals with in his book is
not easy.

And this is what I want to deal with – Madam, you’re so right – not just because you always are!

The whole topic of being submissive for men is not socially accepted – even in this day and age.

Its “OK” for two women to sleep together, even romanticized, fetishized, and so forth – but not two men.

The “gay” label, I cannot tell you how stupid and idiotic that is, and why I dont use labels, and regard them as worthless, well, thats been well covered in my books and these here emails!

But I was discussing this with Dani the other day, here’s part of what I told her which should explain it – and what Paula (and Dani) both understand –

Sometimes I wish I could really be a girl, then I could ask for more “help” when I REALLY need it. Haha. You know how it is, “in control in life always” but in the bedroom, maybe (definitely , hehe) I’m so submissive, it’s far more relaxing (like you in a way, hehe).

Not that I Care, I figure a way out always (as you likely know, hehe) but I guess the point I’m making again – that “social crap” – its expected a girl will sometimes ask for <chopped>, other help etc, but guys … hehe, they can’t praise other guys or they’re gay, they cant ask for <chopped> assistance or other help or “they arent able to support themselves ” or other BS….. and, well …

So, it’s so much more sometimes to be Lola, but overall of course, I’ll stick to being hairy chested Mike. HEhehehehe.

We were discussing something similar, ie. how if “two men talk about being together”, or penis frenzy, or what not – its “not acceptable” but it’s fine for women, and so forth …

We were discussing how it’s socially acceptable for women to ask for help, but not men – how women can “show their feelings”, but not men, and so forth …long discussion, but it’s a tough topic – and so is male submission and Paula is dead on right here in terms of “it’s a difficult subject to broach”.

ESPECIALLY when you really go DEEP like I do into it, like no-one else out there does!

Anyway …..

Back to Paula’s review – so that is a review from a WOMAN who wouldn’t mind (in some ways) submitting to a man she loves!

Keeping him happy, being his dream girl, doing it all for him – oh, so SWEET!

I’m saying that from a man, sissy and woman perspective. Hehe.

Interesting how I morph between all three of those personalities, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, and …?

No wonder Madam Sophia called me a psychopath, although that was more because I was super simping to Gong Li in a way most wouldn’t – or no-one probably has. Hehe.

Anyway …….these books work for submissive men and women both – and DOMINANT TOO!

You gotta experience BOTH to really write about and DO BOTH properly, that truly is the bottom line.

Like minded people find a way to “meet” – that has always been true, always holds true. I’m pretty sure she’s dominant as heck in real life, like Dani is too – therefore, the loss of control in bed is even more of a turn on!

And so RELAXING as I keep telling Princess Sophia, letting someone take charge, and CONTROL, so RELAXING!

Ah, being a teacher …

She’s right in that teachers should be selfless, but “submissive” in the classroom – I would say NO – else you dont teach properly, hehe. Anyway – more on that later! But if you read Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – she was anything BUT! – you’ll get my drift!!


And thats that for this one. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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