Penis, Ruined orgsams, and MORE!

I blasted TWICE – in quick succession – once last night, and once early this morning – and I haven’t been able to sleep a lot last night either!

(I still have the bleachy taste in my NOSE from licking it up off my underwear!)


We’ll get to that – if you’ve been following me either on email or Twitter, you know why.

Master is so DOMINATING, so DELECTABLE, his words are a classic example of what I keep saying about femdom i.e. it’s never about her looks, it’s the mind.

I’ve NOT seen his face, or even feet – beyond what he showed in a video.

I haven’t even see that many cock shots, and his cock isn’t the biggest or sexiest by far.

“probably manlier than you!” 

“Actually, youre right!” (when I pointed out correctly he wore Hanes underwear without knowing he did. Manly men always wear that. Muah!?”

I’ve been simping for him EVEN more than with Master Wang – I didnt think that would be possible!

Anyway ………

I look at his body, his penis, all of it, other penises… all very arousing, as cucks and faggots would attest to!

Our cocks truly only stay hard when … hehe.

But his WORDS are the real turn on, the vibes behind the words (even though he sometimes submits to others – with me, as I said “Know your place- I want to DOMINATE YOU!”)

And all the convo thus far has been about that.

So SEXY – especially the thin line of hair down his chest, his manly pubes, those hairy strong LEGS!

Anyway …….. it’s all about words.

Penis is great, of course, I saw  a stud have a massive orgasm, his penis stayed Hard EVEN after that! SO wish I could worship that, so MANLY!

And all of this was reasons I blasted twice – SEMI – ruined orgasms I’d call them, with NO touching – just visual stimulus!

Now – here’s the point of me writing this.

My Dom has currently posted a video of him too cumming – hot thick STEAMY LOAD. I love it! His soles show too, muah!

But, he called it a ruined orgasm, and it wasn’t.

That FIRST blast – and moan of pleasure gives it away!

A TRUE ruined orgasm is this – when you stop BEFORE the point of not return, not AT. 

If you stop AT, it becomes SEMI ruined, if you stop BEFORE – it’s fully ruined – frustration x 10 – and NO pleasure, period!

Unlike with sissygasms where the release is RELAXING, somewhat pleasurable, not completely, but somewhat …

Ruined orgasms aren’t even relaxing.

But boy are they a MENTAL turn on!

And of course, both allow you to stay hard right after the release too!

As I have.

And if you have DOMINATION in your life the way you want it, no loss of energy either.

I feel so alive – thank you, perfect MASTER! Youre so NICE!

And, I’d simp for his penis all day !


Mike Watson

PS – The books above have been given RAVE reviews, highly acclaimed. If you’re serious about your own pleasure (as i keep telling Master “HIS choices matter, HIS preferences, a good woman should do what YOU want in bed Master”) – then you’ll want to get ’em NOW.

PS #2 – He even called me very pretty. Muah! I’m SO happy!

And Sissy Central will teach you how to turn into a perfect Sissy, our most popular course by far. Get it NOW.

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