If y’all think “these emails are something”, and I know you do, hehe…

Someone wrote in to say “you keep me horny” all day!
That I do. Hehe. I’ll do up an email on this person – he sent me his lovely dong, took advantage of the 35% off we have going on on Penis Central. 
(ok, I was not going to post it here, it was a list only offer, but still! Hehe)
For now, all I gotta say is this –  if y’all think these emails are arousing, inspiring, sexy, enticing, horny – and keeping YOU that way, and ALIVE – well … my friend, “you aint seen nothing yet”.
Get some products, you’ll be in a state of PERMANENT BLISS, and start with PENIS CENTRAL! You wont be able to get your eyes away from it.

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