I so love aggressive, dominant, BRATTY (naturally) Chinese women sTRIDING up to me, looking me in the EYE – and WHY! (not! Hehe)

And so went my Twitter post –

I SO love #aggressive,naturally overbearing and DOMINATING chinese (and all – really, China tho is #1 in that regard!!) women STRIDING up to me, looking me STRAIGHT in the eye! I’d often wish they’s slap me first. Hehe.

I hashtagged the fuck out of it too – femdom, chinesefemdom, asian femdom, and so forth (hey, other than my fist, I might as well fuck something!).

On that note –

Two things.

One, a sissy and closet fag along the lines of Glyn Schofield in the UK … ?

(on the OUTED page – on that note, you sissies, Bozos, and closet fags – all of you “sick fucks”, hehe – that get off on being outed, DO apply! there is NO site or anywhere on the Internet better than HERE – to be outed, MOCKED, laughed at, blackmailed if you so choose and more – in PERPETUITY!!)

He posted a picture of himself with a a toilet brush up his ass – the “business” end of it if you get my drift.

Not the business end he uses to clean his toilet, unless you do that with your tongue Steve. Hehe.

But the handle.

“Thats hard”, I chortled! A hard fuck! (pun intended, hehe)

Or something to that effect …

And its something I truly advise against in the book on sissygasms – although he probably just held it between his buttcheeks some guys, like Glyn above, who once ended up in the emergency room after injecting “Lysol” up his booty hole for a cure for COVID or some nonsense (ugh, do these fools have even a smidgeon of grey cells up there!? Like a customer once said “he was probably at the back of the line when God(dess) was doling out the brains” – and he wasn’t alone either from what I can tell)) …

… When having a sissygasm, you go GENTLY – always – and if you go rough, it’s only when youre used to it, and while rough with dong or finger is fine, its not fine to shove random objects up your ass, especially dirty objects – period!

Yes, I had it done to me by Krystal

But not everyone is the real Macca (Mc Coy) of femdom. I prepared for it a lot too! Hehe.

(as with Ms Yang and the other lovely girl).

But anyway …

The other thing I remembered, another “Steve” on another site once telling someone “I hate dominating Chinese women! I love Filipinos!”

(apparently he thought the latter fell into the “submissive” category by defaut. I beg to differ. Women all have inner dominance, much like the Filipina maid in Shenzhen who’d talk laughingly about my foot massages! – we just gotta BRING it out).

And that brings me to why I’m writing this, it’s happened so manyh times!

DOMINANT, bratty – CONFIDENT – ONE (right) foot forward, they walk, with STRONG handshakes, they LOOK you DIRECTLY in the eye, and Chinese women from the mainland do it the best, and although all woman can, CHina is $1 (#, hehe) in that regard!

I so love it.

I’ve so had it happen to me all the time.

The way they look you in the eye!

It sparked this whole business, for one!

And thats what I gotta say for now.

BAck soon!


Mike Watson

PS – THAT if any, is the overriding theme if I had to choose one for my FEMDOM books! (both Chinese and Indian, all of them!).

PS #2 – I love all you guys girls, faggots, bozos etc that want to be outed. Nothing like SSC. But this Glyn Schofield “so called charity business” (in reality he’s scammed women out of thousands of pounds and then some) – with all his horrible “qualities”. Ugh. Stay away! He paid no less than THRICE did the sick fucker, so I outed him finally, but stay AWAY from that Bozo. Hehe.

(though my fitness friend loves him a lot. Hehe) (he profits from him too!).

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