“Buying Angel things and giving her all the right!”

And it’s so nice!

Madam Angel, a young, beautiful lawyer … from Shanghai! She could be a younger version of perfect madam Jojo – remember HER?

I’m sure those following this site and the emails do, and SALIVATE at the bit thinking of Jojo! Madam Jojo, of course. Hehe. One slave for each foot, one for the back, more to order!

Older ladies are SO NICE!

Especially when they, as I’ve said in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – come from Shanghai, that MECCA and MEDINA of REAL, true FEMDOM!

China itself could be classified as that.

But Shanghai ladies take it to a whole another level for some reason, and those in the know will KNOW THIS!

Anyway, this lady is also a lawyer, except a young one, and from the moment Madam added me, I’ve been salivating.

Except, this Madam doesnt talk – at all.

Until she gets money!

And then it’s a curt – ok whatever.


In the meantime though, if you’re following her on Wechat and all, she’s got these DELECTABLY lovely photos of her.

Just normal photos.

No feet no middle fingers, no nothing, but a DOMINANT gaze – and one of her older friends could be Madam SU!

All the girls she hangs out with – the pictures DRIP of – SMACK of – and FLOOD of – female dominance!

Big time.

And so yesterday when she posted something about “property rights in China and being aware of them” , I posted something to the effect of “buy property, and give Madam Angel all the rights”.

As if that was ever under questions. Hehe.

I’ve got a long history with angelic dominant women, starting from, but probably even earlier – a lady named Angel, who was a worker at a bar I sometimes went to, she had HUGE breasts – of course, I never touched them!


And, Krystal – Princess Krystal that I wrote SO Much about – I once met Krystal – who was a white, equally gorgeous version – way back in the day in college.

Life indeed does come full circle, my friend – And that ain’t just the Indian Goddess saying that!

For now, yesterday was a “slow” day in some regards.

Back at full speed today!


Mike Watson

PS – Angel Ma’am embodies femdom – and findom– so expertly, so well, to a T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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