Every sissy needs to TRY it!

Not so much just the dressing up, not so much just the “learning how to cook and clean – well!” – and the other sissy “cardinal rules” which I have laid out so well in Sissy Central (so much so that sissies globally are buying PAPERBACKS for these books! Hehe – think about that – a book like that sitting on your mantelpiece – but rightfully so!) – #1 of course being “be a nice guy and her friend”.

And if it’s a female wimpy friend, so much so the better! 😉

But trying it, well, I’m referring to sissygasms.

You dont HAVE to try sissygasms to be a sissy.

But much like cock sucking progressing on from foot worship and everything associated, it’s a (an even more) natural progression.

Once you start being a woman, doing womanly thing, dressing the part, FEELING the part, and of course playing it, well, you naturally stop thinking sex like a man (not that you ever did!).

And you gravitiate even more towards those long luscious dangling dongs!

And, of course, that sissy hole of yours is ever ready to be banged!

My first experience in that regard is detailed in the Sequel to Serving an Indian Goddess – an immensely PAINFUL one. Hehe.

To be fair, Ms Priyanka didnt know much about it, maybe Madam Katherine did, but they didnt show it!

And Leroy and the other dude were especially horny – I Couldn’t walk for two days. Hehe. Literally!

These days?

With all the tips I’ve put out in SissyGasm Central, I can not only walk – but jog – do intense workouts – and feel on top of the world – with cum leaking out of my ass!

And feeling GREAT!

Cloud nine x 10!

Beyond the sexual and physical feeling, the great things about sissygasms is COSMIC awakening through the P spot – properly stimulated!

The LUST that persists, despite you being drained and empty!

Trust me, the feeling is like no other, and when you’re properly lubed and ready to go, sissy, those cocks feel so nice!

And that asshole stretches more than you’d think.

Giving him pleasure.

But to me, the best part?

Pleasure aside, it’s the fact I can lie there – relax – do nothing – except moan – and feel like a woman!

Being banged, and riding wave after wave of sheer PLEASURE, crests of pleasure!

And it never ends, and him cumming in me is just the start, that warm, sticky, treacly load trickling down …

EVERY sissy needs to try – and get used to sissygasms. Trust me on this one!

And as I see a certain stud – Master – plowing his sub … well, I just want that dick in me now!

So should you, sissy.

So should you!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up Sissygasm Central, truly the definitive and ONE AND ONLY course of it’s kind in that regard out there right HERE.

PS #2 – And no, we subs aren’t lazy. Give us Madams feet, or tasks, we’ll do it all day long, but fucking? We’ll leave that to the REAL men, hehe, if you get my drift! So nice! 😉

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