Sissy Glyn “Schofield in Brum” suckie, sissy Glyn fuckie (<$20, hehe) - post workout BLOWJOBS - for sissies and more!

My fitness friend, my friend is such a GOD!

Sexy man, tall, broad shouldered – olive skinned … corrugated CORE – literally – a stomach so hard that even when NOT flexed (like martial artists), your elbows and punches would bounce off it, of Indian “heritage” – except he ain’t dark either – he’s not white either – he is, as he says, a chameleon aka Jason Bourne that could and does fit in anywhere!

I could praise this stud till the heavens, and do, but for this list, the point is this – he’s given me the best workouts ever, and gotten me into the BEST damn shape of my life – unlike the man boobed Michael in Serving an Indian Goddess and then perhaps “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” – and …. ” Meeting Ms Chen” (all great CLASSICS, the “Shakespeare of femdom” as I’ve been called) … you’ll see in the Chinese femdom “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, NOT the other way around” – that I’m in not just great shape, but SUPER SHAPE.

Much like my fitness friend himself, except credit goes to HIM for getting me in such good shape.

And aside from all his other attributes?

That BULGE – in his extra short shorts, which few men can pull off, even during tennis matches, but he does!

And that long 10 inch DONG of his I SO Want to slobber all over on, polish his knobhead – POST WORKOUT!

And that brings me to my point.

As I get done with my own workout, and shower, I was thinking – and now writing this to you.

Everything, especially sexual feels better post workout!

Sissies, you’ll LOVE giving him a workout – or should I say blowjob, hehe – post workout!

He’s tired, yet hornier than evfer, that dick resting on his BOLLOCKS, waiting to be serviced, OH MY!

And studs, plowing your lovely sissy’s ass feels even better post workout, doesnt it, those THRUSTS – SOLID THRUSTS – and sissies, sissygasms feel so much better too post workout – except, you’d better make sure you “go first” – follow one of the cardinal rules I mentioned in the book – or you’ll have more of a mess than you’d expect, NOT the kind you’d like.

Certain idiots like it though!

And that brings me to Sissy Glyn Schofield in Brum who paid me $100 to be outed, I did so – posted a picture of his micro “cock” if we can CALL it that – he wasn’t happy about it still! – so, I’ll out him again once he pays me again (on his request!)

Apparently he goes to Oxford – and apparently lives in Brum (Birmingham). Is Oxford in Brum, guys ? I dont know, I’ll have to Google!

My fitness friend introduced this guy to me – as y’all know, a TROLL And worst form of humanity ever.

I wasn’t even going to out him here, he doesn’t deserve it, but he’s loony to the T too – so it could be Miss V, it could be Madam Josie, they ALL run in the opposite dircction when they even THINK of him coming – or messaging, and block him big time!

Ya’ll know the whole tale.

anyway, I’ve written so many femdom recollectionsIndian and otherwise – so many odes to women – so many femdom experience recollections – cuckold ones – even fitness ones on the Miss V owned fitness website.

But I ain’t written Sissy Recollections, have I?

Not as yet … hehe.

So here goeth! A few of them, one, when I was in college, rooming with my roomie (now, I prefer living alone, but back int he day, my freshman and sophomore year on campus, I had roommates but later I moved out on my own) …

.. He’d change into boxers at night, and I’d often, WITHOUT THINKING – catch  a glimpse of his DONG!

Lovely white dong, cut … much like my friend Rueben’s! 

He was a real man too!

And I’d so want to suck it, but never did.

In the showers, I’d wank – NOT To him, but the lovely ladies in the South, and their lovely FEET!

They’re so NICE!

Madam, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d even wank on the library commodes – while on the “throne” as it were. One time, an old faggot even peered in, ugh, what perverts!

BDSM is fine, but CONSENSUAL is the main thing. He’s probably what a certain Glyn Schofield will turn into into a few years, and such a pussy, he disappeared as soon as I saw him “peeping tom”!

But I’d often hear others coming in, hope they wouldn’t see my cum in the communal showers.

At night, I’d wank – and hope my roommate(s) wouldn’t show up right at that minute, or before cleanup.

Luckily, they never did. Hehe.

But my stinky, post workout shoes – I remember one of them RANTING about it while I Was fast asleep, hehe, and spraying air freshener.

“did a rat die in here” went John. 

It was all I could do not to laugh! Hehe.

Some things, the memories…

Anyway, then the pubes sticking on the gym floor post workout – not just mine, but wait – thats not my recollection – thats what “sissy” Schofield sent to my fitness friend.


How nasty, yet, apparently thats what Glyn does in the gyms!

He wants to “crunch” those pubic hairs, much like the crunching Miss Krystal made ME do – except I’ll take the latter any day!

Now, in addition to all his other great – NOT – qualities, Glyn Bozo as my fitness friend calls him is a drunk of the grandest and highest order – and of course, a TROLL bar none.

And his rants often come across as (not me saying this, my friend) –

“mamplaaaaaaaaaaaase i wanna suck cock mama i want to be your slave and servantmada m josie pleaseeee madam can i be your servant, cook, clean, press feet ,I’d lik eot try”


I’m laughing just reading this ??- and writing it?, but thats why everyone runs far away from him.

God (dess) knows how OXford accepted him – they probably didnt, it’s more of his trolling – and do they accept paid applicants? I dont know how this scammer got in – anyone reading this from Oxford?? Let me know!

Ugh, what a menace, but HE, and this is why I’m saying this was huge into sucking cock – and is – and even more so post workout.

My friend – the stud from India – apparently almost PUKES when he recalls meeting Glyn once (the only time he met him) and he dropped down to his knees post getting drunk … UGH!

And he told him the above in far more graphic manner i.e. sucking is always better post workout!


But not ugh.

It truly is, sissies, and I guess if you’ve got a Master, now is the time to please him, boy!

Let me know if you want Sissy Recollections, and I’ll be glad to write it for ya!

And for now, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Let me know if ya’ll want me to introduce you to my STUD fitness friend, truly a GOD with a 10 inch plus THICK dark WANG!

But Glyn, if you’re reading, no, he doesnt want you sucking it – you’ll get an ass whipping (his words).

He’ll probably love it too – both of them! Hehe.

PS #2 – More on why people just HATE this Schofield character, why he never get s what he wants – if I could boil it down to just one word – though there are so many?

UNSOLICITED – and loony – and TROLL!

And a nasty, vile excuse of a human being that attacks women and children. I’d LOVE to see him put in prison for all the crimes he’s committed, financial or otherwise – and if YOU GUYS see him anywhere (I’ll be outing him again soon) – give him a good ass whipping (he got one recently too – I believe my stud friend got sick of his nonsense, as Glyn’s friend himself said).

“Someone probably done got tired of his nonsense!”

But more on this, this same guy, another one with hidden fetishes (he apparently likes women to pee on him for one) – that he will never admit – and on unsolicited…

I love cocks.

A long time ago, my friend Aaron while drunk (a BIG guy, with a huge dick!) pulled me to the computer once.

I thought he was showing me his girlfriend he met online “Amy”.

But, this dude . My oh my, he had a dick pic up!

And drunkenly, as I went EWWW, and looked away (believe me, turned on by that? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! I was like, dude, I dont wanna see that!) he went …

“I’m not ashamed to be naked around other men!”

OK, but maybe other men dont wanna see cocks all the time!


It’s a lesson one of Glyn’s friends could learn too, spamming wechat groups with “friend’s dick pictures” – only one – apparently that dude has a hidden DICK fetish too.

Guys, again, two things.

One, no-one wants unsolicited, and TWO – be OPEN About all this!

Or, you’ll never get (as so many dont).

And cock lovers, invest in the one course you really need to get now – HERE.

Ok, really out for now, wow, that was a LONG one, like my lovely “of Indian heritage friend’s cock!”

(Glyn Bozo apparently has such a fetish for his dong, and is so embarassed by it that he goes to the other extreme, often making fun of Pakistani and Indian accents in wechat groups, while complaining “they take all the monkey jobs” (really, Glyn, you took a DUMP in class – I mean, do you even remember, then you complain no-one hires you, hell, I wouldn’t!!) .. and lusting after that).

WHAT A LOSER Schofield is, really, no words to say.

His latest is lusting after some black dude “dejon”, apparently Dejon’s gymming pictures in shorts turned Glyn on, except he wasn’t allowed to lick his ass, so now he’s trolling him too.

Such a faggot, such a piece of real WORK…!

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