Offering her soles – or her ass – or HER a red rose? Hehe

This one is obvious, self explanatory!

But I had to ask Madam, those soles are so luscious, that ass SO bodacious – kissable – worshippable!

Thats the lovely Japanese Goddess I’ve been writing about so much!

But this question reminds me of something “Rachna Ma’am” told me once about women – look at the whole girl, boy, not just the feet!

Amen – in a certain sense, Madam!

Yes, it’s HER that is important, the mind is what matters above ALL – age, looks, weight, everything else is secondary. Everything else doesnt matter if the mind is not there!

But once the mind is there, it’s a natural progression for any true femdom lover to feet – soles – and ass!

Except, women want more than that, of course.

I was talking to another lovely older lady from China the other day nearing 60, and …

“I dont want to have sex!” 

Which of course was music to my ears.

Madam Ann said it so well when she said “sex should only be for health, my last bf do TOO Much!”

And he did. He’d wake her up in the middle of the night, and … but I sort of suspect he wasn’t good at it. Hehe.

Like this lady just told me …

“Many man in Australia, reproductive organs dont work!” 

She was referring to, of course, not being able to stay hard in bed.

Then she asked me this several times too .

“May I ask you a question? Do your reproductive organs work?”

Do they.


And what a nice way she put it!

(and of course, she kept saying that because SOMETIMES, Madam wants hot sex too! And the images I sent her later, and some videos of big dicks and sex – well 

“So manly!” was her response. 

“Ma’am, yes, he’s not a servant, right!”) 

But I prefer staying caged, chaste, and locked, as I told her – “Madam, I so love the feeling of NOT releasing”.

Then she asked me “what do you do when you have to release”.

And of course, I brought Madam Pearl to the fore (this after she asked me if I had any Chinese Goddesses before her. Man! She doesnt speak English, but I SO wish I could point her to this site!) …

“Plug you in the ass, boy!” 

And with the graphic image she sent me after that of a woman doing that – just that – to a male with the balls so TANTALIZINGLY there to be kicked and more, spread WIDE … well, she enjoys doing it!

She is SO nice.

Anyway, this wasn’t so much about her, or the Japanese lady, but her soles, her ass, as I’ve said so many times – even, as you know, with Pooja Memsahib… JI! – her CRAP – anything associated with her – is HOLY!

And you talk to them …

But, to thank her, to offer HER a rose, because SHE is the one that makes it all worthwhile …

And of course, when you do in the right way, when you make it all about HER, and not you, you’d expect her to come back with an even more dominant attitude.

Funnily enough, most of the time, it’s either “I know I’m not the best dom!” – or “You are so romantic!’

(and that conversation with the older lady ended with “lucky is he who has you as a servant”. Hehe. I said “she” later, but she’s right!) 

Women are indeed lovely, “strange” creatures as the saying goes, but I think strange in a fantastically good, cat like, mysterious manner!

I so love to pick up womanly traits myself. Hehe.

Anyway …

The question begets.

Lets see what Madam says!

And thats that for now. By the way, I’ve noticed some of you are repeatedly signing up on her with email addresses that “bounce” or otherwise dont get emails sent out to. If you’ve signed up, you’re NOT getting our daily emails, then take the initiative, CONTACT me – usually all it takes is signing up with another email address…

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – ‘A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland’ is not only the best guide to attracting femdom from China, but femdom EVERYWHERE – in fact, the tips and tricks in the book can be used to attract ANYTHING, I repeat, ANYTHING you want and desire into your life – NOW (starting NOW).

But only if you take action, and get the book NOW, and start APPLYING the tips and tricks in it now …

So sayeth the “real McCoy of femdom”, as it were, and with damn good reason.

PS #2 – Words have a vibe, dont they? I see so many people asking questions they already know the answer to on Twitter “just to talk” and hear the other person talk while they do nothing and enjoy “other people talking”. Starting conversation for conversation’s sake, is that a good thing? To me, it never was, a FAKE vibe comes off some of it …

Question here was “with so many break ups happening these days, what is your thinking behind it”

(she was asking why).

I sort of suspect Madam knows why, like a certain  “Ricky” I know who in a most annoying manner asks questions over and over again the answers to which he already knows… ugh.

Anyway – onward!

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