From Stud –> SISSY!

I should say, THAT moment when you know (when what you already know) hits home.

That being, the external you is not the REAL YOU.

And lots of “so called real men” being worshipped as such in the real world KNOW THIS!

Let’s see, faggot.

You run a company in real life, you’re a champ boxers or whatever, you’re a high flyer .. and many other things.

Yet, deep down inside.

Your basest desires never fade away – that desire for black cock, for one. Or any cock!

And of course, the domination!

YEars ago, yours truly was in the gym – someplace where I’m automatically classified as a stud if just because of my prowress at bodyweight exercises most “garganturan maniacs” couldn’t do if they tried – like the handstand pushup and pull-up.

My friend who I’ve often spoken of (he of Bozo Schofield “troll” fame and many, countless others he’s left in the dust and how!) is key to making that happen, of course.

Mike Watson knows the most about BDSM, but he’s the first to admit when he’s a LEARNER at something.

Fitness is one of those areas. Miss V knows this! 😉

But anyway, I was knocking them out easy peasy, and I could feel their stare on my back as they continued through their most idiotic machines, reps, pounding weights etc (bodyweight exerciss make you feel like a stud like NOTHING ELSE EVER WILL!).

But, then it was time for the shower.

And as the guys changed into shorts, something stirred.

Like I told Princess Lucy recently …

“Madam, those shorts, his boxers, oh my!”

” So sexy!”

(I then asked her if she thought I was gay. SHe said yes! OH MY!

But then she said no. “I know you’re not gay”. Bummer!

But she KNOWS. She knows very well! Hehe. She’s such a Queen!)

And as soon as one of the dudes took his pants down, a somewhat overweight dude?

It stirred again!

My LOINS, as I saw that perfect cock of his!

It dangled back and forth with the lovely balls!

He didnt see me staring.

But I was!

And I felt this urge to drop down and suck – right there!

And give him PLEASURE, the most exquisite form!

I didnt, of course.

But thats the minute you so called real men know you’re a sissy, my friend.

And there’s lots of you out there, so I’m calling you out today. Hehe.

Join hands through the world famous book on “truly” morphing into the sissy of your dreams – Sissy Central.

I’ll see you!


Mike Watson

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