20% off for YOU, footboy !

This is gonna be an ultra short one, much like cuck cocks, hehe.

(not really – not all cucks have short cocks, funnily enough! Thats another one of those misconceptions I clear up, and how! in the pathbreaking Cuck Central – truly the ONLY definitive course on cuckoldry out there – information never ever seen before – PERIOD – along with many others, one noteable one being the “guilt trip over is it gay or not”).

But to accomodate a lot of GROWING interest (again, like cuck cocks, hehe) in our courses as of late with all the emails etc – I decided to give y’all an extra shot in the arm – and an incentive to order NOW.

Starting NOW, i.e. 00:00 hours HK time March 16, 2021 – there is a FLAT 20% discount off any purchase over or equaling a 100 bucks.



Discount code to use is FOOTBOY.

Given the interest this has generated, I Really don’t think I’ll have it goin guntil the end of the week which is what I originally planned.

I’d like my server to NOT go down, hehe.

But anyway – jump on this NOW my friend.

Golden offer if any – so hurry while it lasts.

I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – “Are Paperbacks covered” – Yes Sir (and Ma’am) – they ARE!

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