The difference in moans a sissy makes – and a STUD makes!

I thought of this while uploading some books (paperbacks) to a site outside of Amazon.

I love Amazon, but I think there have to be alternatives to ONE site – and I’m currently selling ebooks on multiple sites – but discounts only on this site, sorry, hehe – and the same thing should be done for paperbacks in my opinion!

Anyway this isn’t about that.

This is about MOANS!

I flicked my nipples idly while writing (uploading) as my loins rose … as I saw the regal Madam Andy, for whom I bought a pair of shoes the FIRST day I chatted to her, so much did she ensnare me, and so damn expertly!

She features on the cover of “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations to attract Femdom to you on auto pilot” and for a good reason!

Anyway, the moans you ask?

When I’m being sissfied, and a cock or dildo – or even a finger plows in and out of me, I feel RELAXED.

Submissive without meaning to feel submissive, as I’m literally opening up my innards to her – and him!

And the moans that escape my lips are like those of women when they get “nailed” by the man of their choice!

Those whimpers. Those “gentle moans of pleasure” … that HIGH pitch to the voice!

Whereas when the stud is plowing away, its a growl sort of voice!


With every thrust, every plow, he GROANS LOUDER ,and moans louder!


And those thrusts, those moans are SO MASCULINE!

And thats what I wanted to write to you about now!

Back to it, but the point is this – you know what I prefer – and you know what I recommend you prefer too, hehe! 😉


Mike Watson

PS – I do indeed have an indepth knowledge of sissiescocksissygasms – and femdom – not necessarily in that order!

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