Why you should always say THANK YOU to a housewife, boy!

So, I’ve been getting a bit aggravated as of late.

Some lady added me out of the blue on WeChat.

Nothing new there huh, you’d say?

Well, no, except this lady kept sending me audio notes – and she kept asking me annoying questions.

The latter, as Princess Hebe proved is her right, but if there is one thing I hate in terms of people I do NOT know, it’s audio messages, and bazillions of them at that (and especially when the person on the other end can’t speak decent English – although of course, how dare I tell Madam that huh ?).

I am a text and email guy which probably doesn’t come across as surprising, eh.

As a friend told me years ago, “I don’t like getting on the phone either, Mike! It takes away from my ability to use the KEYBOARD … “

And apparently this lady was introduced to me by another lady I know – Princess Jessy so to speak, and I vented a bit.

“Jessy, please make sure you don’t give out my ID to random strangers on the Internet, especially idiots that can’t read. This lady messages me asking if I can “chat with her” and says you sent her my ID. She keeps sending me bazillions of audios late at night about some incomprehensive “business” …”

(that was the gist, but you get it)

And she replied thus

“So sorry, Mike! This lady wanted to get to know some foreigners so she could do some import export biz, and so I introduced her to you!”

And she was (Jessy, of course) so GENUINELY apologetic that my annoyance melted, and then in the space of a few seconds …

“It’s OK, Jessy. Hope you’re doing well” (it had been a while since I chatted with her, and … )

And she sent me this later.

“She’s a housewife, trying to do business! This struggle is worthy of respect!”

She didn’t actually say BOY … but that vibe is THERE. Hidden, but very much there, and that’s probably why Madam never told me the address of a decent massage parlor (I once asked her, and she didn’t tell me – no surprises eh ?) … and I had to ask her this (without dropping down on my knees .. yet!)

“Indeed, Princess Jessy! The struggle of a housewife …”

And then.

“Should I thank her for this, Princess?”

And I sent several shy emoticons along with it.

I have NO doubt she will reply in the affirmative, although she hasn’t as yet. I’ll keep you posted! ?

And on that note, I’m pretty sure the epithet I used above “idiot” will come BACK to bite me in the ass in more ways than one, hehe. We’ll see, but for now .. .I’m out – and again, will keep you posted!


Mike Watson

P.S. – You should always thank her, boy! And that’s one of the cardinal rules of femdom mentioned in my pathbreaking manual on the same right here –https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

P.S. – I’ve said it before and will say it again. If you’re looking for true femdom, then come to the mainland. Chinese ladies from the mainland are the most DELICIOUSLY dominant females you’ll ever meet, and for further proof – well – the stories on the link here ALL you need! –https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/

P.S #2 – Another lady named “Jenny” just messaged me. Out of the blue. And she’s not the Jenny that used to get her feet massaged daily .. ah, but Ill write more on this in the next one – stay tuned!

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