Sloppy Seconds

The concept of sloppy seconds is something that is probably a turn off for most vanilla folks out there … or I should say, so called vanilla folks here.

I’ve NEVER ONCE met an outwardly vanilla person that did NOT harbor latent “deviant” tendencies, and this observation has held true over the years in terms of people I’ve spoken to, been friends with (or not), and more.

And this makes sense, of course.

We are all shades of grey – – maybe not exactly 50, hehe, but thereabouts. All shades of grey basically is what we are, and this is perfectly NORMAL (and another reason why I stay AWAY from tags – – unless of course those tags add to the roleplay, and many do, and well … ?).

And sloppy seconds is something that is of, or should be of huge interest to the true lover of femdom – and ESPECIALLY for you sissies and cucks out there!

Often times, Princess Joanie would arrive at home, eyes glazed, and gleaming … and as I’d take her dresses off as shed pour herself a glass of wine before bed, she’d spread them legs without inhibition.

I was usually locked, which probably explains it,  but ever since she cucked me, it wouldn’t matter. I’d only spread my own legs when SHE wanted to take me, if you get my drift, so me “entering” her was the last thing on my mind …

Unless of course, it was after she had her fun!

“Do you want to fuck me, boy?”

She’d often ask me this with a huge grin, looking at me sneeringly out of the corner of her eye, and I’d imagine her boyfriend lying right next to her, and though vanilla sex has always been boring for me, this sort of thing is anything but, and as I’d myself start leaking (what with the denial and all), sometimes she’d mount me …

… and of course, I’d cum within the space of a few minutes … in another man’s cum!

“That’s why you can never pleasure me, boy!”, she’d sneer, and giggle, before making me lick the mess up … (sometimes even BEFORE she mounted me) and believe me, there are few things more humiliating than licking another man’s man juice off your woman’s private parts … and ass as well!

The stale cum – – or sloppy seconds gave off an unmistakable aroma … so much so that I could recognize it in her panties even the next day (I’ve got a rather strong sense of smell, but still).

Cum mixed in with her musk – and HIS – and the smell of his dick and balls, of course!

And I know this so well – especially the last part!

And I’d often BEG her to have sex again with him as she clicked my pee wee shut, sometimes often still leaking, and she’d giggle, and go to sleep.

“I love you so much, sissy! You’re the best”, and those were the final lines she’d utter, and there wasn’t a time that I felt closer to Princess than THAT time.

At her feet, sissified, cucked, and a true SERVANT for her whims and fancies … and that’s how it should be, my friend!

Alright, so that’s the blast from the past for now. If you enjoyed this, you’ll enjoy our Chinese femdom collections too, which you can peruse right here –


Mike Watson

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