“I used to get foot massages daily, boy!”

So last year, I met an older lady in a group … a wechat group I believe, a lady that added me out of the blue and as it ALWAYS is initially, to sell something I wasn’t interested in. Hehe.

And while we chatted a while after that, I got to know this lady. I’ve never actually met her, but …

… I don’t know if we need to meet, at least not for femdom!

Anyway, she’s living proof of the fact that it’s never about age my friend.

She’s over 50 … and isn’t shy about sending pictures of her, both in her prime and now, and I wasn’t shy about complimenting her either, especially the rolls of fat on her arms, which looked just so deliciously sexy to me, as I wrote about a few days ago!

(especially the back of the arms, for you INDIAN femdom lovers! ?)

And this lady used to work a high flying job, but has now fallen on hard times – apparently, or so she says.

Apparently she needs to sell daily to eat, which I find a little hard to believe given she has a house, car and the works (and of course that cuck HUSBAND, hehe who is ultimately and always on the HOOK for ore), but then again, Jenny is a Goddess.

Goddess Jenny as I’m fond of calling her, and Goddesses have bills, boy!

Anyway, she was telling me how she went to foot massages daily back in the day in China.

“my company paid for it!”, she’d say.

“Well, that’s great Madam!” I responded, and I meant it! “You deserve it …”

And later that night, she messaged me back.

“I’m washing my feet now!”

“Didn’t you go for your massage, Madam”, I said, trying “vainly” to keep my hard on in check.

“Not now. It costs money, and …. So I bought a foot massage machine!”

And this didn’t seem right to me.

“Madam, that’s great. But I think you should put your feet in the machine, and let someone else at least rub for you!”

And I meant every word so deliciously dominant was she, and so much did she love foot massages …

She actually invited me over to her place one fine afternoon when she was DRUNK. Hehe. On wine I believe …

It was raining cats and dogs, and so I declined the offer that day, but if I hadn’t, who knows?

And on that note, and why I’m writing all this.

Much like with the other lady that added me out of the blue, another “Jenny” just added me out of the blue, and she doesn’t seem to be the Jenny I knew, or if she is, the profile picture is different.

Guess what she asked me.

“What is this???” was the text, accompanied by a picture of something that I can only think is a hairbrush, or a particularly pernicious flogger, hehe.

Or a paddle.

Or so forth.

And I  don’t think I’ve ever spoken to this Jenny …!

She could be the same, but I doubt it, and on that note. Vibes, and vibes – and MORE vibes, my friend, and that’s truly what it all boils down to!


Mike Watson

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