The massage lady that asked if I was … gay!

I have made no secret of the fact that back in the day, mainland China was an even more interesting place to be than it is NOW – due to the sheer proliferation of and truly “in your face” fun spots, if I might term that way.

Sin City – Volume #1 contains a detailed description of these very spots, and 10 experiences AT said spots. Sin City – Volume #2 contains MORE than a fair share of these experiences too, and as I sit here planning Sin City – Volume #3 … a thought (several, actually) struck me.

And I was reminded of a lady that added me once, right out of the blue on WeChat … as has happened so many times in the past!

Before that though, remember that if you’re interested in picking up the current Volumes of Sin City – and you should! – then HERE is where BOTH Volumes are available – –

Third on the way as I write, but back to the story.

So this girl added me on WeChat, and started offering her services almost instantly.

It wasn’t a direct thing – – but from the way she was talking (“You come in for relaxing massage!”) – – and that profile picture with the KNOWING eyes – – and combined with the vibe of what she was saying, I knew was being offered.

By the way, this wasn’t back in the day – this was a couple of years ago I believe (but don’t worry – it will make it to Volume #3!).

“Will you give me  extras”, I finally asked after an extended round of negotiation (of course, she was the one that pretty much “told” me to show up at her “spa” if you get my drift – – true femdom in mainland China as it were, but I’ve said that many a times before, haven’t I?).

“Two times help with hand”, was her response, and it was clear enough. Two hand jobs and a 90 minute massage … at her “spa”.

And while that initial meeting went well – it was a story unto itself, actually, and one I’ll cover in later installments of this email newsletter – – she then showed up at my HOUSE to give me a massage once – – with an utterly gorgeous friend from Hunan province in tow!

And of course, the first thing both ladies started to do after a cursory back rub was start to play with my nipples (girl #1 knew my preference for nipple play by then, of course!).

This also meant that the cock kept ticking (oops – clock! ?) and they had to “work less” in terms of the massage, but hey, I was enjoying it so much, I didn’t care.

And as I noticed those naughty, gleaming Chinese eyes looking at me as she EXPERTLY flicked my nipples back and forth, and another pair of curious black eyes looking straight into mine, she said it.

Out of the blue and unexpected!

“Ni xi huan nan ren ma??”

Huh?? I asked, caught off guard. Translated into English, that meant “Do you like guys?”

She giggled.

“Ni Xu Huan Shen mo ma?”

What do you like?

“Ni men …” I responded. “You guys!”

She giggled – – they both did, actually.

“Bu shi Nan Ren ma”? she said teasingly. (No men?)

And the semi-taunting way in which she said it, and the way in which another “look” dawned in the OTHER girls eyes gave me a hard on like I had NOT experienced in a very long time.

Now, I don’t know if I have mentioned it before – – actually, I think I HAVE in my books – – a lot of these girls try and do the hand job these days in a so called “erotic” manner which involves simply “sliding the hands” very gently back and forth the dick.

That may do it for some, but not me – – and not most – – the firm grip is really what does it, and she knew it, of course. I had asked her to do just that the last time?

But this time, as she gripped my cock, I took the other girl’s feet and put them near my chest so the lovely bare soles were facing me, as she tried to pull away.

“No, don’t”, said girl #1, giggling, and said something in an undertone (in Chinese) to the other girl that I Couldn’t catch – – and boy oh boy, that LOOK that came onto her face as she smiled knowingly, and then put her feet straight on my chest!

It took but a few “tugs”, and I was “done” if you get my drift … and if I could redo it over, I’d probably say “Yes, Madam” when she asked – – and I would probably kiss her feet and request her to stick a finger up my ass too!

Probably not even touch my dick, and that would really turn them on – – as they’d laugh at me, hehe  – – a foreign client paying them for a handjob .. and getting ZERO … and still loving it!

And that is how it should be anyway. True femdom is about you – the male submissive “getting zero” – – or less than – – and boy, what a pleasurable less than indeed!

And that is THAT for now. Be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – – Believe it or not, the tales about Madam Aa Ling are truer than you’d think. I actually asked another massage lady to dominate me – – and do literally NOTHING – -and still get paid for it. Would you believe it though, she didn’t accept, hehe. No idea why – – but she WILL make it to Sin City Diaries – Volume #3 – – along with FIVE other similar experiences – – and a couple of more experiences with “non working girls” if you get my drift. Be on the outlook for it then – – tantalizing and as real life as ever – -true Mike Watson style!

P.S #2 – Also, in terms of “do you like men”, the answer is clear for you cucks out there – – and a lot of you haven’t invested in Cuck Central as yet. Time to rectify THAT flaw – NOW, cuckie! Do so right here –

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