She’s SO NICE! I almost called her Mistress Poornima, it took an effort NOT TO!

A very very valiant effort, my friend!

And as a certain Poornima just emailed me, and I almost signed my name (something regarding GOLD, of all things hehe – although Su once wanted diamonds from me out of the BLUE – this is different, a sign from the heavens, truly!) … as Mike Watson, I thought.

My God!

The minute (Goddess!) – I received her email (which was an issue long resolved in the past) – I HAD TO WRITE TO YOU- The Gods and Goddesses BE SPEAKING!

IN Hindi, the word (from what Priyanka told me) means “full moon”.

New beginnings, on very auspicious indeed date – for me – for reasons I won’t get into here now, but will later.

Events have been unfolding at a very rapid pace!

And the dream I had last night, and last year – it all makes sense to me now.

Activate the subconscious right, friend, and miracles shall happen.

And if you’re wondering just how I attract so much femdom to me …

But anyway, I typed out Mistress.

Then I deleted – typed out Mad…

Deleted before I typed Madam!

Finally, it was a Hi Poornima, but so infused with lust I was with Madam’s WORDS (I’ve never met her, dont know from Eve, etc etc) …

That I almost signed Mike Watson to the email. HEhe. Which is not what I should be signing it as , but I Corrected myself in the nick of time.

But it’s funny.

MOST of my writing – well, the bulk has been Chinese femdom related!

Indeed, my flagship and first book has a Chinese lady on the cover and is themed that way.

Actually – no.


Serving an Indian Goddess – continues to be the most popular by far!

And so do my other Indian femdom books – Garima Madam … JI! and of course, the rapidly rising the charts, like something in my loins, hehe, every time I think Madam’s POO … is?

Pooja Memsahib JI!

But really, ALL my books are gems.

And I just think, the Chinese femdom is getting going right as of now, and people haven’t woken up to the reality of women from East Asia being SO NATURALLY dominant that …

…well, they all are!

India too!

But .. it’s different in mainland China, truly the MEcca and Medina of real femdom as I like to say.

So says Mike Watson, the REAL MCCOY of femdom!

The last time I remember feeling this “lusty”?

When Madam Ankitha, who I still dont know wrote to me out of the blue.

This time, it’s perfect Madam, Mistress, Goddess Poornima.

And I’d kiss her feet anyway.

Somehow, deep down inside, Madam knows it too!

Bozo Schofield would have a hissy reading this, hehe. He’d probably be sending her inane messages by now.

And getting the boot – not the type he likes.

Whereas yours truly, femdom au extraordinnaire continues to attract from the darkness of his CAVE, his bedroom …


And thats all I gotta say.

Pick up those books – you’ll love ’em!


Mike Watson

PS – Speaking of CAVES… do you sissies know about YOURS? If not, well, you better – start NOW!

PS #2 – Gems? Multicolored ones? Pun intended, if you’re a Pooja Memsahib … JI! fan! I actually bought some chocolate gems, but while eating them, I remembered the brown and golden gems SHE emitted.
And, of course, my books are the next best gems I’d pay for- anddo!

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