What Madam Megan didnt get about sissy, penis LOVE!

I still remember her giggling about it when I first mentioned it, and her shell shocked reactions. Hehe.

You’re GAY!

More than that though, when we spoke about it, she kept asking me this.

“You have one too, so why like his so much!!!?”

To Madam, penis was penis. Hehe.

To many girls, that is how it is.

But that is what Madam didnt get – two things (which I hope she gets NOw. I think she does, but not sure! And plus I prefer her not getting it anyway, so … hehe. ;)).

one, labels are worthless. I keep telling people that, and if you were to use the useless label “gay” or “homosexual” anyway – well, it only really applies if you’re “romantically”, physically, and in every other way attracted to a MAN.

Sitting here, if I had the choice?

I wouldn’t be talking to men. I’d talk to a girl – which is what I do!

That alone, to me clarifies it, of course, if I liked to talk to men – nothing wrong with that either! Hey, I love those penises!

As for “I have one too!”?

Well, I do – and many people love my dong!

Rightfully so, but to me?

I can never see the head, but those lovely cut dongs, the ones where the skin slides down – MY! So NICE!

Not because I couldn’t get circumcized and see my own. Hehe.

Maybe someday I will – probably NOT though. I prefer my elephant snout “sick dick”, so do the girls!

(great for my preferences too. Hehe).

But anyway – his dick is so much LONGER than mine too! (and yes, that matters, so does girth! Size DOES matter. Hehe. If you dont believe me, ask the pin dicks HERE. lol ?)

It LOOKS different too!

Remember, Ma’am, the grass is always greener!

Every lady has legs – and feet.

But each lady is different, right?

Her FEET and SOLES are different, I’ve written about this so many times, every lady needs a foot massage catered to HER – depending on her weight – amount of activity – type of activity – choice of footwear – and so forth!

Talk to her SOLES, boy! Not her! 

and it’s the same way with PENIS!

Every dong is different!

It needs to be worshipped DIFFERENTLY

And to learn how to worship dong right, every penis – learn about the various styles of penises – and how to worship each the way they deserve to be – go HERE.

Last, but not least, the most pertient fact?

He can stay hard in bed while having “regular sex”, I cannot. Hehe.

When she doesn’t want fetish, just good fucking, he can do that – I can’t – his dong stays SO hard for that, like sissy dong does for HIS!

And it’s THAT which makes me want to kiss his feet, worship him, lick his fragrant asshole, look at his dumps, drink his piss, and more …

Because like Madam – he’s so superior, with that lovely long PENIS!

Paye Lagu Malik – and Madam Megan.

I hope you get it now!

Best, ??

Mike Watson

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