15 ODES to PERFECT Madam Susan …


Valid question, and I would NOT blame you one bit for asking!

Especially given all my femdom writing about other ladies, who are all in their way own way equally imperious and commanding, and equally DEMANDING … especially that lovely lass Princess Joanie, to whom TWO manuals and one book is dedicated!

And Sophia Bai.

Madam Carrie.

Perfect Madam Su, cuckoldres au extraordinnairre!

But really, some ladies just have it.

Femdom is something that if you’re truly into it – – words aren’t necessary. They weren’t for Madam Pearl and me, as y’all know!


…. BOY! ?

And that one night as I met Madam Susan online, perfect Madam Susan, it was much like I met Princess Joanie a few short months ago.

And we all know what happened there, hehe.

But much like that younger lady weaved an imperious and HUMILIATING smell (spell!) over me with her EYES, and her ATTITUDE from the word GO, so did Susan!

There was something about her!

“Madam, you’re always superior to me! My place is always UNDER your feet, and in our relationship YOU should benefit more!”

That was one of the third or fourth things I said to her – – so strong was that vibe!

And that vibe is what lasts until this day.

You guys have read ALL about her in the Madam Carrie series, so I won’t detail those stories again.

But for now, this short little book is an ODE to Madam Susan, and my feelings about her on an almost daily basis.

She is truly one a GODDESS … ONE and ONLY!

Perfect Madam Susan, Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

You truly DO DESERVE IT!

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