My significant other … wants … YOU!

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My significant other … wants … YOU!

Spicy Erotic

Yes, my friend.

You heard me!

She wants you – anyone but this cuckold, who she’s gotten tired off a long, long time ago -a nd whose only purpose now is as follows –

  • Service her sexually (which she does less of these days except of course orally!! – Madam Rachna’s lovely FAT BODACIOUS ASS CHEEKS, I cannot stop thinking about them!)
  • Kiss her feet, and grovel before her (much like Princess Joanie, but Rachna takes it to another level altogether!)
  • She was just sitting on the bed right now with feet crossed, laptop in hand, and the way she BARKED at me – and I couldn’t REPLY …

Am I a restaurant manager??


The sheer anger, HATE in the voice – all for a question – and what was the question “what will we eat!”

A perfectly normal question for a cuckold to ask, you’d think!

She KNOWS how to take advantage of men when they are at a DISADVANTAGE

She knows how to LOOT money from men – and does it all the time.

And she knows how to publicly HUMILIATE MEN, and she does it, and the reason she’s tired of me?

Well, yours truly came out and told he he was a “creepy little twat” as a certain Bozo Schofield wrote a friend of mine, and told her he loved licking her ass, serving her after she took a dump, wiping her ass, in short … EVERYTHING I wrote about in the book “Serving an Indian Goddess”, and then some and everything I’ve written about in my great FEMDOM books.

And the way she takes advantage of me now?

I truly HAVE unleashed a beast – a female beast!

And she wants more, more, more.

Cucks, and money – boy!

Thats all she wants.


I dont know, if you’re a stud, she might give it to you, but she’ll want more money for it!

She’s just such a Goddess, and the reason I write this to you?

Because this sort of thing in real life from a girl who was anything BUT like that when I first met her, is what YOU Want.

And my job here is just to “vet” the cucks, much like Empress Cody made me so.

So, send in your applications HERE.

And remember, those in the Watson faithful will be considered first.

YES, you get access to HER – alone -NOT with me.

But you have to vet yourself first, my friend.

And this, more than anything else should be PROOF enough of the BLINDING FACT That femdom – at whatever level you want – is easy to accomplish with the right tools, and two willing minds!


Mike Watson

PS – Write back quick, because time BE Running out.

PS #2 – She truly wants to be a FINDOMINA par excellence. Again, send in your applications and we’ll (well, SHE) will consider ’em – and as for perfect Empress Cody? That I mentioned up there?

Well, she’s married to her cuck but she’s always on the outlook for more too – and for details on that – go to the book page and read all about it yourself.

(No, emailing me directly won’t work for Empress COdy).

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