Dear Reader,

It all starts with that ONE fleeting look. That LOOK in the eye, however temporary and fleeting – that ONE SOLE SHOT in real life that drives you insane – that ONE PROFOUND POSE, and so forth!

Princess Joanie is perhaps the most perfect exampe of how this works – but there are many, to be honest!

But in all these cases, I SPOKE to the ladies – at least a little.

And there are many cases, as you know!

So, what makes Radha Ma’am so different?

Well, for one, she’s REGAL – and she hasn’t spoken or responded to me beyond a few likes.

Yet, the way she posted her SOLES that night, along with a picture of her doing a self pedicure while wishing “I had someone to do the housework for me” (which she didnt write, but in other terms) – it DID IT!

A picture of Madam in a saree, those lovely ARMS – so thick, lovely, kinda like a certain Rachna Ma’am!!!

And, she’s got nothing but Indian Goddesses on her profile.

Powerful, like Durga. Enchanting, like Lakshmi. Creative, like Saraswati.

And that, my friend, is Radha Ma’am, who I am simpin to SO, and who has IGNORED me, not a word spoken thus far, but she KNOWS.

She can feel it.

She is just waiting for the RIGHT moment, because she knows what she deserves, a TRUE CUCK AND FOOTBOY!

And I’m prepared to wait for as long as it takes to worship those soles, and give her pedicure she deserves while she’s even haughtier and imperious than all those Goddesses Ma’am talks about!


The sheer realism, I went INSANE!

How could I not!

That realistic vibe is what counts, and Radha Ma’am is every bit an Indian Goddess as any other, and should be worshipped like ANY Goddess!

Radha MA’am, Paye Lagu, MAdam Ji! The more I write, the less it is. I’d happily stay chaste for YOU my entire life!

And thats the spirit in which 25 odes to Radha Ma’am was written.

Radha ma’am has literally DRIVEN me into a state of NO – return, a state of lust even my “exalted” *(in that regard) SELF has never ONCE experienced, I cannot explain how those black dirty soles DRAW her to me – or should I say ME TO THIS GODDESS, so regal and imperious and nigh dominating! 

In Indian folklore Radha, I believe, is Lord Krishna’s consort, so apt for this Queen!!

And Radha Ma’am will have the same impact on YOU, the footboy, the salivating, groveling FOOTBOY that cannot wait to order this. 

So it should be.



Mike Watson