His body SHAKES with unfulfilled lust as Master does what he does best. Dominate!.

I’ve often extolled the virtues of the long game as opposed to “now” which everyone seems to want.

Delay the orgasms. Delay the “gratification” . It makes the eventual result more genuine, more lasting!

And, CONDITION your subs without them even knowing they are being programmed, sort of like YOU are on this email list!

Here is what newest slut Gavin – oops, Gabriella, hehe – says about her experience thus far (it’s been three days , yet … Hehe).

Master Sir, my experience so far has been incredible. From the first time I saw your feet online I was hooked, I just didn’t know it yet. Over a couple of months I liked and shared your posts, doing nothing more but enjoying seeing them, and then you messaged me and took over my life. I caved so quickly, like I had been subconsciously conditioned to accept you as my superior, my owner. I’ve been asked if I want to serve people before, but when you told me that I would serve you, it just seemed right. My mind went blank and then filled with pictures and videos of your feet, my world was full of your command, your words spoke to me and I felt compelled to listen, to digest, to follow your orders.

Now barely a few days later, I’ve tributed to you, I’ve shared far more information with you than I ever thought I would, and am very excited to have been given my new name from you. Gabriella, I am so proud that you have named me, I posted online how you now own me, that I’ve changed my name and that I’m falling into your control.

I am very new to this, but the feelings I’m getting from serving you feel like electric. My body physically shakes in excitement from belonging to you, from following your commands from just being wanted as I am. I have little to compare this to but it is the best thing that has happened to me, I just want so much to make you happy, to please you, to have you tell me I’m a good girl. I place my life in your hands, change me to fit what you want from this inferior being, and I will do all that I can to make you happy.

And there it is.

He was always MINE.

He didn’t know it. Hehe.

But I did!

Stay tuned for the adventures I put Miss Slutty through.

They’ll be hot, I guarantee!

Sissy Confessions has plenty of such confessions Gabriella would agree with. In fact, and I know the bitch will read this – it should be a manual for her, by her side at all times!


And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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