The one activity that never fails to arouse ME, or any real cuckold!

Beyond belief!

No matter how times the cuckold has leaked or sissygasmed!

Real men know how it is. That FINAL blast, that orgasm, and then a bit of a let down for a while – but after satisfying their ladies first!

Cucks, of course, cannot and do not want to do that. Hehe.

But thats the thing about sissygasms, leaking, ruined orgasms – the T levels stay high in  man’s body the longer he’s denied … actually, they INCREASE – the actual “orgasm” is what causes T levels to drop, not so much semen release! …. is that the man stays horny and frustrated and wanting more!

Ever notice that you can have erections easily even after a massive “wet dream”? But not after regular coitus maybe?

Unless you’re really turned on, of course.

And there’s a reason behind that.

Speaking of being really turned on, the one thing that never fails to arouse me – either after a real orgasm which I never ever get (I dont even touch my cocklet!) – I just touch my NIPPLES! (I even deny myself the sissygasm, but mentally, I can feel it!) … or any of the other orgasm types above?

It’s … well, you guesss.

I’m sure any cuck would guess right if he’s truly a cuck or sissy – a real one!


Right after sissy cumming, I looked at another black cock on Twitter. 

And just looking at it, looking a tht ecock ring, the swollen member, the CLOSE UP – glistening and sexy! – and dominant – alpha!!! … and the cock RING again, making the dong recognizable (though really, cuck, you should recoginize studs by their cocks anyway, cock ring or not!) … I felt a massive surge of blood to my loins!

Even female soles wouldn’t do it.

Even female asses – not really.

But looking at his – Master’s – Sir’s cock and balls, and his ass, and asshole!


Hard again!

Truly the one thing that can keep cucks hard forever?

Humiliation galore (there is a reason that book mentions a lot of COCK!) – Princess Joanie knew this so well!

And of course, COCK!

Big black cock, but truthfully? 

Any real man hard cock! 

And balls …

Black cock is just so nice though, especially the lovely thick ones!

Cock lovers know what I mean!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Have you checked out the book on ruined orgasms as yet? Truly the best ever in that regard – do so now – its got and gets great reviews too – from women, so you know it’s the real deal, hehe.

(real women, not me. ahem).

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