Sugar daddy scams and more…

While writing my pathbreaking manual on findom, I should have probably included something I didn’t.

Right at the outset.

Avoiding SCAMS.

I did write about, of course, how it’s not primarily about money though that’s the nature of the relationship – the sub gets off on sending, and the Dom on dominating or receiving, but the point is this – as with all bdsm related, the mind and vibe matters.

You cannot simply expect money from subs without turning them on and continuing to in some way, shape or form.

There’s no free lunch in life. This extends to findom too. And, subs wanting to chat for free, some on my YouTube did – ugh – wanting more of your time without compensating you for it, and so forth.

Now, scams?

Lots of folks in this industry are starting out, desperately needing money – and trying to sell their feet, voice, whatever it is they’re selling.

I get it.

Been there, done that – minus the desperation that makes one irrational and illogical, I’ve never been that way, although I’ve passed the edge of desperation more times than I care to count!

You name it, it’s happened to me. Being homeless, no money, not eating for days, and more. Being trolled brutally and enjoying it – coming out on top – and more!

Now, lots of idiots will pose as sugar daddies. Sad part, lot of gullible subs get lured in.

They can be pretty convincing too, but some red flags –

Not paying you online.

Wanting to send you checks they’ll later claim were stolen or those are forged checks upfront.

Wanting, and this is the most insane gambit folks get taken in by – upfront “,tax” or money to recieve in your cashapp or whatever you use. Be sure and check the “from” in the email. If it’s a scam, itll come from some nonsensical address @gmail or some other free address.

Or, they’ll ask you to send “loyalty” money while promising the desperate sub the moon….

These folks can sniff out desperation.

And it’s hilarious, I was dealing with one of them today …


Sometimes I like having fun, calling these nuts out, playing that gullible victim they so love.

But I’m posting an example here (I had an ass clown do this last month too- the “loyalty” nonsense) … Just so you guys that are genuinely into findom stay informed. Lots of folks get scammed this way though you might not believe it …

Stay away from the scammers.

And along with the “vibe” cardinal rules mentioned above, remember too – the Dominant pays, the sub submits.

Both have, or should have, an out of the world experience that they’ll never forget. Like a certain Carol once told me, and this wasn’t findom related – good memories!

Those last forever.

Findom, like cuckolding can sear itself into your soul. It usually does.

So it should if donr right.

And there’s absolutely noone better to teach you how to do it right.

Link here.

Invest NOW.

And that’s that.



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