I wished Madam Susan was “me” last night!

I was exhausted last night.

From working late. It was around 3 AM or so when I finally lopped off!

(FYI, one of the things that kept me up was a “customer login” for you customers that have already BOUGHT products).

The Watson faithful gives you access to EVERYTHING we have for a lifetime provided your membership stays valid.

But, some of you have bought once and prefer to buy products “as is”.

So, for those people, and this was long overdue, a login section was necessary where you can view products you downloaded, re-downloaded them etc, and use it as sort of “storage” for your files!

(the files you downloaded from us post purchase, of course ;)).

This area will be expanded soon and MESHED in with the Watson faithful as well.

Anyway, I was exhausted.

Lay down in the manner I so recommend ladies to.

With legs spread wide apart, and with a cuck at your feet, there need be NO worries about sex, perfect Madam JI!

And as I drifted off to sleep, it was QUIET.


As it shouldbe for Madam Susan resting!

And I wished I was there at her soles, where I was all those years ago … pressing them all night long as the hours ticked past, and staring at her soles, and her ankles!

Occasionally, I’d press Madam’s calf too and she’d snore contendedly …

As she should!

What a Goddess!

Exhausted and tired in the morning, I’d get her clothes ready, prepare her breakfast – and wash the dishes before she left for work.

And I’d sleep after that!

And that brief interlude from perfect Madam Carrie, that lovely lady from Sichuan that CHANGED my life with that one “Holle, boy!” was one of the best ever.

I still talk to Susan, as y’all know!

And I still worship her like the GODDESS she is, always will be!

And thats what I want to tell YOU now!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember the Watson faithful – truly a bargain deal!

PS #2 – Or, you could buy our books “as is” (and our manuals, and other stuff). Madam Carrie is highly recommended, if just to read about Susan, perfect Madam Susan as I still call her! 😉

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