Alphas wanting to be sissies, the other way around, and switches, and more!

Now, this is an interesting one – I’ve written about switching before!

Indeed, if you read some of the posts from a few months ago on this site, you’d think that I was an alpha – mostly. Hehe.

Would you believe it, my friend if I told you this – – some of the most dominant WOMEN and MEN you see today – – the cruelest ball stompers, kickers, the best findominas etc – have ALL in some way or the other been on the other side of the fence?

The succesful ones have, at least!

It’s one thing to show up with a perfect cock (many of you dudes have it!) – and a perfect face, body, attitude etc as many ladies have.

It’s quite another to manipulate the (mostly male, but female) too submissive – or dominant PYSCHE!

It’s all about the mind, boy!

I know. I know. I know you know you’ll find it inscribed on my tombstone when I pass, but it’s true.

It’s so true.

The mental is what turns us on in real life, the MENTAL is really what gets things going at any level, the mental is even more important in BDSM etc.

It aint about Bozo Schofield or whichever randy fool out there is messaging guys and girls randomly with “submissive requests” and other BS.

It’s about HER mind! (femdom)

And even the sexy cocks you see out there, those alphas put some thoughts into posting the pictures the way they were.

A few days ago, I shared a video ad I saw – I had no idea what it was, but the guy was pressing the girl’s legs, her feet, and it was never enough. Soon as he got up to play Playstation or what not, she raised one lovely regal foot to his chin, and in a despondent manner, he knew.

She did too!

He continued the foot massage “pressing as they say in India, China and the rest”.

She continued relaxing.

Ad ended with “it’s never enough!”

It isn’t!

Fetish never is!

Even more so than regular SEX, which I Was told “when you first do it, you’ll want more of it” – well, yes, but FETISH related sex – THAT is the key!

Oh my!

I cannot get enough of Madam Pearl – or Angie – raping my wallet.

(See Submissive Musings in Mainland China – for Pearl, Sherry, and another lovely lady – but the Sherry thing makes it all worth it x 100!)

I cannot get enough of staring at big black dicks, being humiliated and so forth …

(Humiliation Central, Princess Joanie!)

(Princess doesn’t get her due in terms of the findomming – right up there with Pearl!)

But anyway (she possibly, as I say in the book IS the one!) … point is this.

A few days later I ended up contacting that app anyway!

The rest is history, but their customer service is as friendly and open as you’d expect from a service in a so called traditional country like India where women worshipping men is fine, the other way is still taboo to an extent (at least openly – you’d be surprised at the cuckoldry going on in some homes – a lot of – in India and the subcontinent).

The more it’s repressed, the more it wants to come out.

Like my cum. Hehe.

But point is, as I take a sip of cum infused (my own – I started cumming in my coffee mug as an experiment when I was 19!) (and it’s healthy, actually!) (and sexy too, of course) green tea …

something I’ve said so often.

Nothing is black and white.

Not even dicks. Hehe. Those lovely black dongs have pink underneath too!

It’s all shades of grey. 

The grass is always greener on the other side. 

If YOU are an alpha or dominant female reading this, can YOU honestly tell me you’ve never had submissive thoughts, sometimes for days on end?

Believe me, it happens!

And of course, subs, can YOU tell me you’v enever thought of dominating him or her?

Think about that the next time you think about “can I talk to Madam” – or “Can I say hi to Master normally”.

Remember, we’re all human at the end of the day.

They have the same thoughts, desires, aspirations etc as you.

And it’s a rare one that has never switched or had thoughts of doing so, and to be honest, chuckles, I dont think it exists.

OK, thats itf rom me. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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