The magnificent older White Goddess I just saw in India!

There she was, watching a cricket match – a sport I often watch online, and every time I do so, the crowd – well, women always in the crowd, and their legs, their feet – well, the women themselves – my loins literally QUIVER – I’m literally attracting on auto pilot as I sit here, my PENIS, my loins, my SISSY SPOT QUIVERING!

Trust me, chastity and NOT cumming is one way to do it, but what I teach you in Sissygasm Central goes way beyond achieving bliss bar NONE.

The P spot and stimulating it right is literally the KEY, the golden KEY – no pun – to the road along ROYAL manifestation like never before, I repeat, stimulating it right, and “bang bang bang” is NOT the way to go here, despite what you think. 

True, you could focus on that bliss, that like female orgasms keeps INCREASING, there is NEVER A LET DOWN, no refractory period with sissygams, but like Radha Ma’am posted on her Twitter, it’s about something bigger than that, it’s not a person that is attracting you, its MASTERY!

Or Mistressry, the only caveat being I posted “as close to it as is possible”, as true Mastery or Mistressry, anyone that fits the above description will be the first to tell you you keep learning – never stop – if they dont tell you otherwise, they’re a fraud, simple.

I tell you that all the time despite my Mistressry of everything I write about here!

And she was so regal, fat, older, white … and the minute I saw her, SO DOMINANT Is the vibe its pouring through off the computer screen from Southern India into my desk, almost!


I wrote 15 Odes to older ladies that SO deserve it. 

These odes are mostly about Indian and Chinese ladies, but by no means is it LIMITED to them, in fact it was an older white lady in the park who didnt even turn me on initially, yet I was focused on her soles that prompted that course…

And she deserves it!

Ma’am, I’d fan you in public, I’d ask you to put your legs up, I’d massage you while you enjoy the show, the game, the many MEN!


Women arouse a level of devotion in me that is NOT possible in any other regard.

And of course, the regal Radha Ma’am does it the best.

Odes to her will be public .. shortly?

I dont know, I’m loathe to do that.

She is a Goddess on earth, maybe those odes need to be RESERVED For the best of the best, which is you – IF you’re in the Watson Faithful.

But remember, every woman is a Queen and Goddess, so our other most popular odes fit the bill too!

But if you want in on Radha Ma’ams soles ,if you want to use her energy to MAGNETIZE anything you want in life, I repeat anything – money, success, ANYTHING included – then you tell me, friend, and I’ll direct you to a pre-sales page for it!

She is HOLY, just remember that.

I SO want to wash her sweaty, grimy, dirty feet and drink the water…

Paye Lagu Radha Ma’am. Melani Ma’am (somehow I think the older lady’s name is Melani!) – you’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – A SMOKING hot course released, you’ll cum just by looking at the cover, that flat sexy stomach, those nipples, and a STUD in briefs you just want to – HAVE TO pull down to worship the magnificent LUND, or MEMEBER within in, thick, hot, horny is this – 25 odes to DOMINANT alpha males in UNDERWEAR!

A man in underwear arouses lust in the sissy like NO OTHER, you just can’t help but WANT to peel it off, either from the front and back, and suck on the treasure, or sink your tongue DEEP INTO IT, pleasuring a REAL MAN like he deserves to be, kissing his WHOLE body, being a sissy GIRL for him, and so forth, his nipples too, MY!

REAL MEN deserve more than one women, and all the sissies they can get – in that spirit, pick up that above ode now.

You’ll cum just reading about it, I know I did!

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