The PERFECT book for the “bros” using “woke” and “beta” as insults.

(As folks report back with what I already know for ages – getting AROUSED while reading Watson’s sizzling hot erotica writing – well, all I can say? Dont cum in pant, or do, hehe. And all this for a book which I knew would arouse folks but not quite as much as it is – I’m literally hearing folks sound like they’re having SEX during their Audible Auditions for it!Hehe) …

Hehehhehehe … All I gotta say is, I feel like giggling!

Here is what I just got from a would be narrator for our latest “offering” – “25 Odes to ALPHA males in underwear!” (with a sexy guy in – well, undies on the cover of the book).

Sir, I haven’t decided yet whether to audition for this title, but what I HAVE decided is to recommend this book to all the bros online that want to use ‘beta’ and ‘woke’ as insults.


Now thats an interesting slant on it!

Anyway – this book is #3 in the Penis Lover series after Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots and Penis Central – and for a good reason too – that BULGE in his pants, that treasure hidden, that hose so near yet so far … we all know how much one wants to tear those pants down, those undies down to see his DONG plop out, preferably hit you right on your nose or lips – either – or both, preferably!

And though I have not promoted it AT all, it seems it’s already taken off like a rocket – erect dong – what have you.

And I get it.

All of you “beta” males will love it, so will you “alphas”. Hehe.

Click on over HERE to see what the fuss is all about!


Mike Watson

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