Why the future looks increasingly bright for cuckolded males – with a catch!

Cucks, listen up!

This afternoon I saw a post – or an article, I’m not sure which (I didnt read it in its entirety) posted by a woman about “how she can find better partners by posting a profile thats on the bitchy side or a “bitchy profile” as she calls it” as opposed to a normal one.

Note the normal one doesnt pander to men!

What she means is posting a profile which out and out says she’s a “bitch” – i.e. extra and uber and above and beyond demanding with NO reciprocal effort – – and this isn’t being done in a femdom sense!

Of course, she may be knowing – or maybe not – that sort of thing attracts cucks – real cucks – galore.

Cuckolded men who’d like nothing better, ostensibly to turn their life savings over to men.

Men like you and I reading this – who HATE being pressured to have real man sex – and would love nothing more than to stay at the bottom of her preferably dirty SOLES all their lives – and of course, their lovely fingernails flicking nipples!

And that holy grail – sissygasms – starting with RUINED ORGASMS!

Trust me, that sort of attitude is getting more and more prevalent these days.

Sure, the reverse is as well, but this sort of thing, well, it’ll attracts cucks, submissive and subservient men galore – – and then some!

Maybe thats what the ladies want, or of course the perfect package that doesnt exist, i.e. the right degree of submissiveness and also authority when it’s needed – actually, I Take back the “it doesnt exist part”.

It does exist if you’re a REAL male sub.

And no, no-one wants a boring doormat all the time!

All explained in the pathbreaking guide “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“, which you need to pick up NOW, my friend – if you’re truly into femdom.

And therein lies the catch I referred to above.

You have to be a REAL cuck.

You have to be a REAL submissive.

You cannot simply cook and clean one day and get your rocks off and say “thats it”.

You cannot be a Bozo Glyn Schofield pestering females when the urge strikes him …

You cannot – I repeat – cannot want real man orgasms (i.e. want as in force her to give you one) when she’s giving you ruined orgasms you asked for – and as a sissy, that you deserve!

What you want, and need, my friend – are two different things as a sub!

And the sooner you can morph the two together, the quicker you’ll turn into a perfect sub for her.

Trust me, cucks.

Thy future BE bright!


Mike Watson

PS – You cucks out there need to read Cuck Central and Cuckold Compilations too.

One, the best course out there for cucks.

And two, sizzling hot cuckold stories y’all will love! With a Mike Watson twist, of course, as always!

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