What Master Wang taught me about my TRUE self without even trying…

And what I already know – knew since birth!

That sexuality is fluid!

But more than that, he’s turning me into a “real woman” quickly as well, so quickly!

As I wake up this morning, thinking, yet again, about the dense, thick batch of pubic hair, that THATCH of hair at the base of his lovely Chinese dick, I cannot help but say this!

I was going to tell Master this yesterday, but figured I’d share it with you first.

Remember Madam Venus?

“I like man and money, but money better, BOY!” 

Wo Xi Huan Mao Mao“, Ma’am would often giggle at me, touching my own hairy chest, forearms etc.

(I love hair! Of course, Madam, as many of the MAdams I mention in Sin City Diaries, would never shave – either down there, or her armpits! Hehe).

Carol loved the hair on my arms and body too – most girls always have!

And my slim, sexy waist …. (thanks to my fitness friend!)

Anne would often put her fingers and palms around my narrow sexy waist tapering down to … well, the X shape, as I’ve been told I have by many people – most tell me I look like a “movie star”. 

All true comments, but this isn’t really about me …

It’s about how Anne often woke up, sucking each nipple one by one, bringing me to a nipplegasm early in the morning, before giggling and pointing to the toilet paper next to the bed.

Wipe up, boy!

Then she’d ask me this.

“Did you get the large condoms as yet from Hong Kong?”

“Why you no enter me!”

Ma’am, you KNOW why I never had sex with you! Hehe. Or, I should say, “preferred” not to …

Back then, the communication was an issue, now it isn’t!

But now, looking at Master Wang’s dick and his soles, the only things I keep thinking of, I keep asking HIM about the size of his condoms.

So I can buy some for him – along with introducing girls to him, as he keeps commanding me to!

He’s “debauched” in his own words, wants debauched girls, and all the emails over the past couple of days, ya’ll know!

(And if you , the cuckold wants an intro, as I said – buy $100 worth of products from us, and you’ll get the introduction of your LIFETIME to this stud, who can dominate you SO well, without even trying! Like I keep saying, in China, it’s natural!)

I even sent you his pubic hair in videos the other day. So sexy!

Dense, black, sprightly, springy, most of all “ENERGETIC PUBES!”

And a dick that is sexy, cut, with foreskin pulled back, and long!

Longer than a lot of CHinese cocks, but not especially thick …

Anyway, here’s the letter I was going to pen to him …

True or not, you decide!

Perfect Master, I’m so sorry I couldnt find the wechat you requested the other day!

Master, I kiss your feet and please beg you to give me some time, Master, can I tell you a funny story first? 

Master, I tried to introduce my ex girlfriend to you, see her picture. SO SEXY!

And … she asked me curiously again why I never had sex with her, I’ve already told her, but now I told her about you. 

“Why do you introduce other men to me, Mike! It’s so strange!” 

And then I told her, all I think about is your dick, your pubic hair, YOUR pleasure that matters… 

I told her all about pressing your feet all night, while you sleep comfortably, how I press your sexy calves after a day of work, wash your feet, as you relax and watch TV, then suck your dick when you want, as you chat with others…

Madam didnt say anything. 

Then she shouted at me. 

“Thats why you waste my time before, you like man!” 

I attempted to explain, but … 

“Shut up, you FAGGOT!” 

she yelled at me. 

And then laughed at me. 

“You’re so pathetic, groveling at another man’s feet, I knew you never a real man!” 

Which I wasn’t, Master… 

At that point I could have laughed, and passed it off as a joke, but I didnt, Sir … 

Sir, we should all know our TRUE role in life, and those of us that are better at being a sissy, we should be! 

And my role in life is to serve you, press your feet while you relax, wash your clothes, cook you meals, do the dishes for you, Sir, suck your dick in the morning and night – sir, please give me your sperm every day, so you can have a relaxed day! … 

And of course to find you girls, and give you all the girls that come to ME!

And that THATCH of pubic hair, the WAY you look at me, it makes me SO WEAK, just like Carol once told me about how “I made her weak” by looking at her… 

My place is at your feet, my nose in YOUR PUBIC hair, YOUR DONG is the only one that matters, Sir … 

Paye Lagu, Malik. You’re so nice! 

And I will find more for you! 


Now, there is more to this letter.

But as I keep saying, sexuality is fluid. 

It seems gender is/can be too! Hehe.

But really his pleasure, introducing HIM to other women, he does it so naturally!

Anyway …

If YOU on this list want that intro, and trust me, he’s sexy as heck – he has the slim narrow waist and hairy stomach too – etc – well, buy $100 worth of products from here (trust me, all will go to HIM, he’s just such a stud, I should pay to see his DICK!) …

And then let me know, we’ll go from there!


Mike Watson

PS – Maybe I’ll send Master this letter later!

PS #2 – The part of the letter I left out above …

I just have a question, if you agree with the above…

Was my ex right, I’m so pathetic, and isn’t my real role and place in life to serve real men like you, obey their commands, do their bidding?

And to be a sissy … since I am good at only that …

Well, we all know the answer to that!

BE COMFORTABLE in your role, what you truly want, I’ve gone hoarse saying it!

And it’s one of the cardinal keys to attracting femdom to you, for one… or any sort of anything you really and truly WANT – CHERISH – DESIRE – deeply so!

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