Bored, legs up, LONG shirt, NO UNDERWEAR OR SHORTS!

Madam … Madam …



And those were the thoughts I had a couple of years ago on my way to an early morning appointment which was one hour away by taxi.

As I was waiting for my cab, I noticed it raining – and I then rushed inside the nearby convenience store “Mei Yi Jia”.

Thats one great thing about the PRC. N omatter where you’re at, you can find tiny little convenience stores that will deliver ANYTHING you want to your doorstep – 24/7 – even during national or public holidays – even during the recent COVID mess!

And, of course, ahem. Dominant women!

I wrote about women complaining about “resting bitch face i.e. RBF” syndrome last night?

Well, this perfect Goddess I saw in the store -she didnt initially see me – she was resting on her chair, playing on the phone, her face BORED, as if to say “out, slave!” “don’t bother me!” – in a white T shirt!

Long white T shirt, feet up on the counter where CUSTOMERS COME!

And her legs were lovely never ending Chinese legs, and she had that long sort of T shirt which makes you think there’s nothing underneath.

For a minute, even though I’m used to it it fooled me!

She was BAREFOOT too!

her lovely SOLES – Paye Lagu, Memsahib!

I almost lost control and dropped down, but didnt.

She caught me looking, giggled, and removed her feet from the counter, but didnt “cover up” her legs.

But she stood behind the counter after that, so I couldn’t see…

Pretty soon, my taxi arrived.

And I was off on my way.

But this perfect goddess stuck in my mind, and as my SO walks around haughtily and bitchily wearing a pink version of the same thing, except her ass is fatter, more voluptous – more to worshup – OH MY!

But the original is always the best.

She had a cucked husband.

(who ran the store with her).

And she was such a Goddess, despite having two kids!

chinese ladies, if you’re reading this?

Ya’ll are ALL Goddesses – I never tire of saying that!

My – and a man’ place is truly under your GRIMY SOLES, so perfect, so lovely!

You do it the best!

Paye Lagu, Madam!



PS – To read more about what happened after I met such ladies? Well, there’s plenty of tales HERE! Go there NOW, and check out a product of your choice! This is truly never seen before erotica – anywhere!

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