Sissy Workouts!


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Get yourself -or your SISSY – in the best shape of her life to do what SHE does BEST – be a SISSY! Hehe. 

25 Sissy workouts (and isometric holds) that will build the SISSY body of your dreams!

BENEFITS you can get from this book (specifically for sissies and fetish lovers) –

  • The first and most obvious benefit is overall fitness, and  a body that women actually LIKE and want i.e. minimal fat on the midsection, a trim and toned midsection, abs that aren’t glaring in terms of how they show, but “beneath the skin” rippling like a cat – and a strong lower back – strong shoulders – and so forth. Understated often works best in terms of fitness!
    • (there is a reason the word COUGAR was chosen, hehe – as well “feline”…!)
  • This book will work for LADIES too – or submissives of any nature!
  • BOUNDLESS energy and stamina which are needed for … well, do I need to mention it? by following the routines in the book.
  • Explicitly strengthen and open up the areas which most training programs IGNORE – the hamstrings, back of the body – the GROIN (especially)- and while doing so, you’ll notice the anus and sphincter and butt muscles in general (sissies, take note) strengthening, loosening, and more! (all of which is needed to … well, use your imagination there!)
    • Lose fat at warp speeds for those of you that are fat.
  • Some of the exercises will be a workout unto THEMSELVES for you guys (and girls) out there.
  • Improve your digestion beyond belief.
  • These exercises target the sexual “karmic” areas – which most “Western” schools of training ignore, and the sheer ENERGY and bliss you’ll feel while “high on sexual feelings” all day when you get into these workouts and do the visualizations like I recommend is BEYOND belief.
  • You’ll be ready to stretched out, spreadeagled, shackled, paraded around and more – WITHOUT risk of injury!

Place your pre-order now – and HURRY – the price will go UP very soon on this one!

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