Sin City Diaries – Volume #3

“It’s always about HER benefit, boy, and you better not forget it!”

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the THIRD installment of Sin City Diaries – – and if you’re with me thus far in terms of the series, you won’t need any introduction at all to what this series is about.

I’ve always maintained that if you’re into true femdom, then mainland China is the place to be. And as you read about how Princess Jessi hooked me with one glance … or how “Madam Bao”, a so called massage girl not only smilingly took my money – – and did NOT give me what she promised and got away with it – – or as you read about the lovely Venus, who was secure and confident in the knowledge (and then some!_) that her husband was her SERVANT (an(and again, then some!) – – you’ll truly come to understand the truism and meaning of the subtitle in the second installment of the series.

“A true sub’s place is not AT her feet. It’s always BENEATH it!”

PURE MECCA for real femdom lovers. DIVE IN – now!

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