Sin City Diaries – Volume #2

This book is for you if …


  • You’re interested in learning about “how it was back in the day” when Dongguan was “sin city of the world! For most people today, they cannot imagine what it was like back then – – this series is an attempt to “unravel the shrouds of time” as it were, and bring you back to what it was like back in the day … a time that will likely never return, but hey, who knows!
  • You’re interested in diaries that while detailing sexual dalliances and the establishments they were partook in, also focuses on the actual interaction between said parties.
  • You’re interested in China in general “back in the day” in this regard. (and in that case, my Chinese femdom novels would be a great read as well!)
  • You’re interested in REAL LIFE femdom experiences where you’d least expect it – – not to mention FINDOM as well, as I detail later!
  • You KNOW that true femdom is always about her having her cake – – and eating it too!
  • Learning about financial domination – – and why money is truly the most important for these Queens – and women in general – as it should be!
  • Learning about why women deserve to have MULTIPLE MEN – only to satisfy them – in the way THEY CHOOSE
  • You are WELL AWARE that women in general are Queens – – regardless of whether or not they’re paid sex workers or not!

  • You have a submissive mindset towards women in general. Now note that a lot of what I’m detailing below doesn’t necessarily require a submissive mindset on the part of the male – – in fact, most of them shouldn’t have – – but this is yet another example of “if you truly, truly desire something – – you’ll get it – – without even trying” – – and so it is with TRUE femdom lovers in general!
  • Most of all, if you’re interested in getting a “sneak peek” into Mike Watson’s mind, and the “background” behind all the stories I’ve written (and there’s more on the way as well!).


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