17 MORE poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!

What is DIFFERENT about Volume Two? 

Some of the positions will be “clubbed” together – for reasons you’ll see below – three’s even more of a turn than one is, for instance, and you’ll soon understand what I mean when you READ.

This Volume also progresses from mere foot poses – to COCK as well, my friend – feet and COCK is what its all about for true submissives and sissies as I mention in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and that natural progression manifests in these POSES TOO!

We’ll also include pictures in this book for a lot of the poses (most) as opposed to book #1 – something y’all have requested, so here you go! MY!

Get this NOW.

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