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Why am I qualified to write this?

I’ve had plenty of homosexual fantasies – – and encounters along those lines as well which initially left me feeling “powerless” and “used” – – but upon probing these feelings, I realized that it was actually a part of me I was trying to repress all along for fear of “shame” from the outside world.

Starting with the first time I sucked cock in a motel, to the two or three times I sucked dick after that – – and the many times after THAT – – I’m no stranger to the myriad of emotions accompanying the actual experience.

I’m NOT a stranger to the sheer rush I got from submitting to another man – especially with a lady witnessing it all – – a lady that I was dating a while ago, to be frank!

I’m not a stranger to the “guilt trips” my self experienced as well post my first few encounters – – clearly a case of me not being comfortable with revealing who I was at my deepest levels, and I offer tips to remedy this sort of thing in this manual.

And given I’ve worked past all this, this manual is an attempt – – an honest attempt to bring cuckolding out in the open – – along with providing workable TIPS for BOTH partners to make the relationship last at a deep and satisfying level for the long term.

In other words, I have been in the trenches, and am now sharing the info I’ve learnt over the years with YOU in an easy to read, information packed little manual yours for download right after payment.

From Princess Joanie – and me – enjoy!

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