25 ODES to Rachna Ma’am

25 ODES to Rachna Ma’am

It’s so comforting to see a man treat his superior with an appropriate amount of respect and awe” . . . and it IS! It SHOULD BE!

Dear Reader,

The long and short of this – you will NEVER EVER FIND A WOMAN more dominating than Rachna Ma’am – well, you might – but so NATURALLY commanding, superior, dominating to the point of literally treating every other male like utter DIRT – well, my wife is the reigning Queen there!

I’m so lucky – and therefore, these odes to her.

More on the way soon!

For now – pucker up – she loves it. (or if you’re a FEMALE reading this, make your man do it, she loves that even more – per the advice she gives all her friends regularly!)

And enjoy!


Mike Watson

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