25 odes to alpha males in underwear!

Benefits and who this course is FOR – simple! AROUSAL!

Nothing turns on – more simply, yet more brutally – than COCK my friend! I’ll always remember a person “Etienne” on a forum once discussing why even non homosexual folks found cock sexy (whether they admit it or not) and the LURE of an erect penis.

“Cock is just sexy!”, he replied.

And he’s right. It just is!

How many of us can claim we “only” look at the girl in porn movies, and NOT his manhood being worshipped?

How many of us so called “Straight” folks (though labels are utter BS) can say thoughts of cuckolding or worshipping MEN – their cocks, balls, asses, assholes, nipples – have NOT entered our minds – and turned us on immensely?

How many guys can say they don’t secretly fetishize about PENIS?

Ladies, how many of you can say you’ve never wondered about cock – or SIZES?

OR the shapes, sizes, textures, SMOOTH feeling of cocks, cock heads, sucking one, losing yourself in one, when it’s in front of you – SO MESMERIZING!

Perhaps more than anything else, an erect penis screams DOMINANCE at you – WORSHIP ME! – more than anything else my friend.

Think about it, his ORGAN, his massive WEAPON poking out of his PANTS, thats all you think about when you see it, and it’s on auto pilot, you drop down and WORSHIP!

Now, enough has been written about cocks – not to mention the three world famous courses yours truly has written on it. (and much more on the site, books etc).

But not enough has been devoted to another immensely sexy topic – the FOREPLAY, men in UNDERWEAR!

Those boxers, briefs, all of it HIDING – and yet not – his PACKAGE – and his BALLS!

So near, yet so far, when you pull it down, it plops out, HITS you on the nose depending, I’ve spent hours sniffing and worshipping his BULGE while Madam Lucy (you’ll see her Korean stud beneath) LAUGHS AT ME!!!


And the benefits for this one are the same for men and women, submissive or not, dominant or not – this writing, these thoughts are simply SO HOT they cannot but help turn ANYONE ON, my friend – and I mean ANYONE regardless of sexual orientation.

AROUSAL – x 1000!

Which makes the actual cock worship and more much better!!!!!

And now that we’re past that – onward!

Get this NOW.

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