15 Odes to ROYAL Bhagwati Devi

15 GROVELING, SNIVELING odes to the older dark skinned INDIAN maid that has changed my life – FOREVER – and she knows it too!

(Changed my life, and REDUCED ME TO A GIBBERING, SLOBBERING MESS – more than any other woman out there. WHAT A GODDESS! Ma’am, PAYE LAGU, I think of you all the TIME!!!!) 

This one is SISSY PARADISE – you’ll leak READING! THAT DARK SKIN, those strong toned arms, MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

What you’ll learn from this book (as a submissive – either male or female)

  • Understand what REAL femdom is about – its one thing to “pay for it” and ask her to dominate you – its another thing to do it in REAL life – and in a manner that hits home for the most downtrodden of folks – understand what it means to put THESE ladies on a pedestal.

  • Understand it’s not, never about her looks, age, social status, makeup, weight, or any of that GARBAGE!!!!!!! It’s about her VIBES, and its only by serving someone whose being FORCED TO SERVE all her life with NO RESPECT given – that you can truly UNDERSTAND THIS!

  • Understand, and appreciate the FACT that ladies that are NOT considered socially “upmarket” or even traditionally attractive deserve the MOST worship, and how they can, should and DO “hook and book” you like NO OTHERS CAN!

  • You’ll understand what it mean to be …truly being underfoot – under feet CAKED with GRIME – feet and their owners that are routinely disrespected, therefore should be worshipped MORE for being the queens and PERFECT GODDESSES THEY ARE!

  • You’ll understand the true lengths and levels of devotion REAL FEMDOM can take you, 24/7 – and if you’re here – you WANT That is it not?A? I thought so …

  • You’ll understand the sheer DEVOTION THAT COMES TO MIND when I think or say “Paye Lagu” or see women in general, and YOU WILL FEEL IT TOO!

  • Youll understand what attracting femdom to you in the FLOW MEANS, and you’ll do it yourself too!

  • You’ll get RARE insights into a dominant lady’s mindset like NEVER EVER BEFORE!

  • MANIFESTATION is something everyone wants to do. Unfortunately most of the Gurus teaching it teach it wrong, they teach the “easy way out” aka “The Secret” which doesn’t work – it has the opposite impact. The real secret to manifestation is feeling so strong you cannot help but THINK about it all day, keep DINNING it into your subconscious mind – with ACTIONS that reinforce this (with the desired result in mind) – and the results, well, will astound you, you’ll see actual PROOF beneath.

  • This book is for both men and women, and the benefits are the same for BOTH, so it should be! WOMEN will LOVE these tips, and make their men serve more – the men will love them and SERVE women more, as the natural order is, as it MUST BE!!!

And more, much, much, so much more that I have not listed here.

What you’ll learn from this book (both as a dominant female and a REGULAR female)

  • Understand better than ever before how the male submissive pysche (or even female) works, and what turns them on – and how to use this to YOUR advantage.
  • Understand how and why my wife often says “women are each other’s worst enemies” – and use this to YOUR advantage to control, manipulate and more.
  • Take your frustrations out as a lady which you CANNOT with other ladies on the MAN involved. My wife does this to me all the time, and I love her so for it!
  • Taunt your submissive like NEVER before, with frustration you FEEL (lets be honest, if he’s sexually excited by another woman, that makes you jealous – well, use that jealousy to BENEFIT and taunt!).
  • Become even more dominating – and publicly so. Lots of my books have cases where the Malkin (employer) and maid BOTH dominate the poor male. So it should be. If you think it’s just a fantasy and you cannot push him to do it? You’re wrong, this book will show you how and why!
  • Feel LUST as you push your sub to extreme levels of degradation even HE did not dream of before!
  • Above all, learn – again – this very important lesson and principle, that the MIND is ultimately what it’s all about, my friend – and the VIBES are truly and only what count, and make things happen!

And much more …

Well, my friend, to end, let me tell you this – although I’ve had the privilege of worshipping LOTS of lovely ladies, lots of downtrodden ladies, all with their own charm, there is NONE like Bhagwati Devi, so regal, commanding, dark skinned.

She will truly take control of YOUR LIFE once you read these – through these words.

And you’ll be swept into lust like NEVER before, my friend – like you’ve NEVER felt before.

If you’re even REMOTELY a true femdom enthusiast, then this book MUST be on your bookshelf, in plain view, day and night, if just to remind you of the fact a man’s place is ALWAYS not just at , but UNDER a woman’s shoe!

Under her cracked SOLES!

“Mard ki Jagah Aurat ki JOOTI ke neeche hoti hai!” 

A man’s place is ALWAYS under a woman’s JOOTI’s – Indian traditional SHOES!

Or, her slippers, her cracked soles, all of it, at HER Beck and command, those sales – oops – SOLES – stare at you, ROYAL, cracked, and COMMANDING. DROP down, BOY! You KNOW YOUR PLACE!

It’s a play on the common Indian saying “aurat ki jagah mard ke jooti ke neeche hoti hai” (a woman’s rightful place is under a man’s shoe)

And thats all thats left to be said.

Grab this NOW.


Mike Watson

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