15 odes to older ladies … THAT SO DESERVE IT! 

Ma Ji, Paye Lagu. You’re SO NICE, you make me SO WEAK! 

BENEFITS that REAL submissives will get from imbibing the lessons and vibes from this book (and what you’ll LEARN in general)

  • You will find that worshipping an older woman is by extension in many ways a lot more interesting than doing so for a younger woman – not only because she will appreciate it more – but will ENJOY the service more! From Aa Ling’s mom to Susan to Nandini Ma’am’s mother – to an older “grandmother like” lady I met in China – they ALL enjoy the worship, as much as or more than younger women – which in itself makes it worth it!
  • The CONFIDENCE that comes in spades from older women – that is a huge, huge turn on for any real submissive. Enough said on this one! And that shows in EVERY ode I’ve written in this book.
  • NO pressure to perform in bed or be good at sex. In fact a lot of older women dont even want sex that often, but they DO want the rest of the service, cooking, cleaning, etc – tasks a lot of us subs BEG to perform! And this one factor alone should be enough to drive you to your knees every time you see an older lady. It’s so NICE! xx  (and this vibe SHINES through in the odes to them)
  • I’ve said before that there is NO limit which is “sacrosanct” in terms of real femdom, and submitting to older ladies, you’ll learn this x 10. You’ll learn how these older ladies, with ONE shot of the foot, and nothng else – ONE sole shot, and nothing else – can inspire you femdom wise for DAYS, weeks – MONTHS on end – how one look from an “Auntie” can make you more submissive than you’ve ever been – how you’ll be literally be willing to do ANYTHING for her – including drop down and suck her husband’s penis in public if she so wants for HER PLEASURE!
  • Older ladies know even better than younger ladies how to USE – abuse – which is what a slave DESERVES, so it should be. And they do it so well, you’ll see in these odes! VIBE!
  • Findom wise, older ladies can be EXTREMELY demanding. And thats a good thing – you’ll pick up on these vibes, and do what you should as a sub in that regard!a
  • Older ladies KNOW how to get a younger – or any male – to serve better. Heck, they LEARNED all these things when they were young – as a lady recently told me – you can only dominate, get housework done etc yourself if you KNOW how to do it well yourself first too, so you can hold the sub to those same standards – very high standards – so it should be. What a PLEASURE AND HONOR, MA’am!

And more…

BENEFITS that you as a DOMINANT (“old”, “young”, or “in between”, even) can expect to gain from imbibing the lessons and vibes from this book

  • True domination and confidence go together, hand in hand. With the confident vibes emanating from dominant women that KNOW how to put men in their place and DO SO even more naturally and confidently due to their inbuilt “matriarch” status – well, YOU as a dominant can and should pick up on these vibes – and the “how” – to put your sub in his or her place even more effectively and PERMANENTLY!
  • Learn some of the “subtle” tricks and bodily cues, vibes – and even body “types” a lot of older women either consciously or unwittingly use to attract younger and often sexier and more handsome men- and keep them HOOKED! (and servile, hehe)
  • While subs will no doubt cream their pant(ie)s just reading about the domination and imagining it – YOU as a dominant female can pick up tips from these older ladies (even if you’re a male dom, this applies) – and use them to great effect along with your own wiles on your hapless subs!
  • Each and every ode in this book gives off an aura of sheer and utter ARROGANCE, female superiority and brattiness – and there can never be enough of that in a female dominated/ruled world!
  • More than the actions, as I said in another book today – its HOW you do what you do that counts. Words count, actions count, but the VIBE as often said before counts the most -and older ladies are SO good at SUBTLY projecting that dominating vibe and taking CONTROL OF MEN – young or old – forever – before bending them and breaking them – to their own wills and wishes – so it should BE! (and so it is, hehe. Ma’am – thank you for that too, I mean it!)

And a lot more!

Get this – NOW!


Mike Watson

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