Cum hanging off her hair…

My. That one night when Carol gave me a lovely blowjob as always – in the kitchen, late at night, windows were open on my ground (first for Americans, hehe) floor apartment (flat for those of you raised on the Queen’s English, no pun hehe) and I was wondering if anyone would look in,but Carol (mentioned in A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China) wasn’t in the least bit worried. Haha.

After it was done – I shot a hot load all over Madams lovely face – and we were in bed, she noticed something hanging off her hair. And half giggled.

“Oh, you….”.

It was my cum hanging off her hair – the very tip.


Men cum everywhere, sissy! Or girly… As I saw in a sissy caption today.

I’ve written before in Sin City Diaries about how a girl – a lady of the night – a “xiao Jie ” as the Chinese term it looked at my massive blobs of cum in such utter disgust despite me paying her that it was a huge turn on! My, her work on my nipples and those lovely Chinese lips, palms…

Anyway. With the lovely Bhagwati it’s happened on her eyelashes, another huge turn especially given her lovely long Indian lashes, those big huge expressive eyes …

EVERYONE loves the pictures of Indian ladies, the tales on the site. We are having some trouble with the buckets where they’re hosted currently so if you can’t see them on either site don’t fret – they’ll be back up soon, no pun.

Anyway. Not much else to say except that men cum everywhere. Hehe.

And, it only happens if you suck them off WELL enough .

Passion, devotion, dedication to that wonder in front of you, the long DONG.

But that isn’t enough.

You need the right KNOWLEDGE to go along with it, and free porn is by far the very worst place to learn – not to mention, you shouldn’t be watching porn anyway. Far better watching those movies in your brain and manifesting those results for yourself in real life as I do daily.

Cock worship for Sissies and Faggots and Penis Central are my two revolutionary one of a kind courses (as all of my courses and writing is, you can look hard, up, down, all I wrote, pun intended or not but you’ll never find what we offer anywhere else – not even close, avd we are just getting STARTED!) that GIVE you this information.

To keep your man hooked on to you FOREVER in lust that NEVER dissipates, only increases with time, sub or not forever, get these courses – learn – implement.

On another note …those hidden desires we ALL have? Haha .

I’ve noticed a very interesting sign up on the list a while back – someone from the National Security department in Hong Kong.

Wtf, I thought when I noticed this sign up. (I won’t mention the guys name here). Maybe a spam sign up.

But it wasn’t.

It’s an actual person that’s very interested in us, though why femdom and fetish would interest someone to the point (they set up the national security department in HK in I believe 2022 (pardon me if I’m wrong) to address matters of “national security” – but femdom? Lol), no pun, they’d use their official email address to sign-up is a mystery.

As my name was on forums before, as I am myself.

Hehehe….a complete enigma and interesting, fascinating mystery.

Maybe someone will come forward to explain it. If not, that’s fine as well!

And that’s that.

Very best,

Mike Watson

PS – And a guy from the Times in the UK. That one I sorta get, hehe.

Truly, we ALL have those desires.

And the sooner you acknowledge them and most importantly take ACTION in a SSC manner, the better it is for YOU, mi amigo …

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